Sunday, June 27, 2010

Madewell Order: Striped Tank and Moto Jacket *Updated Pics*

The Madewell order I placed last week (see THIS post) came in on Friday... packaged very VERY much like the J.Crew shipment that came at the same time!  Appears the Madewell items shipped from Lynchburg, as well, and they use the same packing, receipts, return shipping, etc...

Anyway, here are the best pics I could get (I'm getting to big to 'force' items on for fear of permanently disfiguring them!) so I did the best I could in reviewing...

Striped Tank...

I'm wearing a size Small here.  It stretched over my belly pretty easily, but I wouldn't actually wear it like that right now!

First reaction: Cute, OK material (not very stretchy or supple, but for the price, OK)  and not LOVING the tan color with the navy (was thinking it was whiter).  The fit, from what I can tell, this puppy is LARGE on the top.  I couldn't get it to look right on the top part... definitely not something you could wear without a cami or something under it, unless you size down.  The colors grew on me and I actually thought about keeping it for fall, but I can't justify that with the sizing seeming a bit off. (maybe they got that from JC?  ha!)

Bottom Line:  Runs large (at least in the top and around the arms). OK if you NEED a striped tank, but I think there will be better ones out there.

Moto Sweatshirt Jacket...

This I absolutely cannot zip up and didn't want to try. (not sure what that white circle is on the first pic.... sorry!)  This is a size Small.

First Reaction:  A little shorter than I hoped, but probably right-on for the moto look.  Like the slightly faded, casual black.  Very nice sweatshirt material.  Arms are kind of ribbed and feel like a dream!  I am going to have my sister try this on for me today to get a better idea of the fit and look.  I want this to work, even at full price, but I really need to see on someone else.

Bottom Line:  I think this runs pretty TTS, but like I said, I'm not quite sure yet.  I think this is a keeper ... a very unique piece for fall.

NEW PICS!!   I enlisted my little sis who is in from college this weekend to try on this Moto Jacket so we (myself included) could see what it actually looks like on and zipped!  For reference, she is only about 5' and a size 0, but anway.... :)

I really love it.  It will be more cropped on me, but that's OK because that's part of the "motorcycle" look.  I really liked the contrasting bronze/brown zippers and pulls.  Definitely a keeper... both my sister and mom thought so.  Thanks Lisa for modeling!  Wish you were here all the time so I could utilize your little body!


  1. I think the jacket is a keeper---it looks great on you.

  2. Just found your blog, and I'm following.

    I hope you will stop by my blog and enter my J Crew giveaway :).

  3. Thanks guys! I had my little sis try on the jacket today and I'm going to put up a picture of it today. It looked great on her (and even my mom!) when zipped, so I'm keeping it! The tank is going back, even though I love it.


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