Wednesday, October 26, 2011

J.Crew Gimlet Skirt in Harvest Tweed Review

Gimlet skirt in harvest tweed

Item# 55820

I'm wearing a size 2 here.  I've been sizing down to a zero in most bottoms this year, but the 2 fits well in this skirt and I would not want a 0. 

While this isn't the most flattering, slimming style, considering the thickness of the fabric, I'm happy with the look. The length is perfect for me... not too frumpy, but definitely conservative enough for me to wear this for any occasion... or any occasion that occurs in my life!

From the back.... what can you say?

I did get the Silk Blythe blouse in the neon azalea, which looks amazing with this.... why no pictures?  I have no idea... it's happening soon!

I went with the Gimlet skirt instead of the pencil because I thought it would be more fun, there are pockets!, and it's just different in general.  This is still a 50/50 keeper for me - I got it for about $100 with the 25% off promo.... maybe I'll see if it goes on sale for cheaper in the next month or so!?

Bottom Line:  Cute and different and you'll be able to wear just about ANY color on top with it!  Runs TTS (a little smaller maybe than other skirts/pants this year?!  Could just be me....)  Pricey, but cheaper than than the pencil version.  I LOVE this pink and browns! 


  1. Thanks for the review. This item stood out in the new arrivals for me. Other JCA's were concerned with the fiber content of this item. Will you update on how it wears? (can a skirt 'pill' like a sweater?) I LOVE the colors and the cut!

  2. carol: Good point about the fabric content! I guess I'm not that concerned because I figure, how many times am I really going to wear it? It's super-cute and I don't thing anyone is going to look at it and think, gee that isn't wool..... crappy! I love that I can pair a TON of different colors with it! I'll definitely post back about the wear of the fabric!! Thanks for reading!


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