Thursday, October 20, 2011

J.Crew Wool Cafe Capri in Blackwatch Plaid: Review

Café capri in plaid wool
As I am writing this, it is only available in a size 4 online and it's backordered.
This is a 0.  I picked it up in the store just to try on, but ended up walking out with it because it's a little outside of my normal 'range' of clothing and I thought if I didn't go ahead and grab it, I would regret it.

My thoughts are definitely of 'Christmas' and wintertime with this pattern. Which is great, but I tend to go with full-length pants in the winter because it's freezing! So...

That's a sexy shot with all the tags hanging out!  Sorry!
As with almost every pant or skirt this year, I really feel like I am between sizes on these.  In fact, I would want to have the waist button and hooks moved about a half-inch to give more room if I kept these.  Also, unlike the houndstooth wool version, these are not nearly as thick OR lined.
Bottom Line:  Run TTS. Cute novelty pant.  BUT, the fact that they are full price, don't fit perfect, and not full-length lends me to think I will probably return these... but I wanted to share since they went like hotcakes online!  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Thx for sharing pics. I'm not big on the capris in wool as I think they make my butt look big. Esp in a print. Love that sweater I spy in one of the pics.


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