Wednesday, October 19, 2011

J.Crew Wool Cafe Capri Review: Houndstooth Wool

Café capri in houndstooth wool
Item# 49396
**I snagged these in-store for $99 on sale, plus an extra 30% off .... so about $70.

I did try a light brown belt with mine, as pictured online, and it does look really good!

This is a size 0.  I feel like I am full-on between sizes (0 and 2) in Capfe Capri's AND Minnies this year, but these look truly frumpy if they are a little to big.  After a little time on, they did loosen up a bit.  There is a touch of blue and mustard running through this pattern and it's fun to draw it out with an accessory... ie: the bright blue belt!

This is how my PS styled them in the store and I went ahead and bit on the Fisherman sweater and blue belt because I loved them outside of this outfit, as well.  Sweater is a Small - sized up for a bit of extra length.  Belt is a small and runs large.  The pants are thick AND fully lined.... so they are quite warm and can even be tucked into some boots during the winter, FYI.

One of the male PS suggested the belt on the outside, which I actually think looks pretty cool, but I ended up just putting it through the belt loops when I actually wore the outfit.  You can't see it here because my camera angle sucks, but I have on the Penelope heels in blue/platinum gold from several years ago and it looks pretty cool!

And look where else these puppies showed up....

This is a Sole Society email I got a few days ago.... I'm pretty certain those are the same pants on the left!  And, notice how they paired them with a bright blue coat!  Sweet!

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