Sunday, October 9, 2011

J.Crew Hacking Jacket Review: Grass

I've already admitted to keeping 2 schoolboy blazers this year (red and caramel) and this was the third blazer I took home and 'tried' out in my closet. This is the grass color - I purchased it in the store at FP which I *never* do because I loved it so much in the dressing room... just not so much at home....

J. Crew Hacking Jacket - Size 2 - $198
The leather buttons are a little 'granola' for me, and the length just makes me feel frumpy.

Not bad from the back.... probably my favorite view of the jacket, actually.

Not great un-buttoned.... I just feel sloppy like this.

In the end, I felt like this jacket overwhelmed me a bit.  Life is too short (and my wallet is too thin) to keep something I don't feel attractive in.... is it the color, the length, the fabric, the cut?  I can't put my finger on it...

I couldn't help feeling a bit masculine and the wool was a bit itchy.  That said, I will stalk this jacket once it goes on sale (and you KNOW if will before the Holidays) if I can get the blue one close to $100, I'll do it!

Bottom Line: For me, the schoolboy blazer just worked better. It's thinner and not as long, ie. not as warm as the hacking, but once it gets *cold* outside, I will be wearing a REAL winter coat, not a hacking jacket.... so the thinner blazer/jacket will suit my needs better, anyway.... plus you could put a winter coat on over it.


  1. Others have had similar sentiments about the fit on this. Hope you get that gorgeous blue ob=n sale and with a good fit.

  2. love the color but I agree, I have a blazer about the same cut and it makes me feel frumpy.


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