Thursday, September 17, 2009

*First Fall Review* Perfect Pencil Skirt and Kelsey Ruffle Top: J. Crew

An utterly fabulous top —we want one in every color. Luxe silk habotai with a bloom of cascading ruffles around the neckline. Perfect alone or underneath a sweater. Button front. Import. Dry clean.

Item# 19064 $88

Our leg-lengthening pencil skirt, now with long darts at the front and back waistband for an even more flattering fit. The lustrous wool—a distinctive twilled weave with a very refined finish—is from a century-old Japanese weaving mill. Sits at waist. Side zip. Back vent. Fully lined. 24" long. Import. Dry clean.
Item# 17444 $118
When I got home from J. Crew a few days ago, this is what my bed looked like. Funny, I didn't really go with a lot of color variation, but I'm really loving the golds and oranges this fall. Moving on...
Today I'm reviewing the Kelsey Top and Perfect Pencil Skirt. I've shown them put together with outfits because I'm planning on wearing the skirt and top to the Parent's Night at Connor's school tonight. For that reason, please chime in on which you like best - or a different combo you'd like to see! Or, are these colors just too "fall" for right now? I never would have put these colors together, but my PS suggested it, and I'm acutally kind of digging it! Anway...
I ended up purchasing the Kelsey top in an in-store only color apparently, as I haven't seen it online yet. The tag says CSP for the color (sleuth JCA's - what do you think that color is?) but to me it looks like an orangey/ mustardy color.
I'm loving that this top is a button front - it's just different from the zippers we usually see from JC. Also, it's not HUGE throughout the body (IMO) so I went ahead and got a 2 not a zero like I would have in last year's styles! Oddly, my tag says to hand wash and hang dry (which is why I purchased it over all the other silk tops) but the online description says dry clean. Go figure.
Pictured with Perfect Skirt and M+O Skinny Leather Belt
JC Perfect Skirt and JC Metallic Gold Belt
I will just go ahead and say it. I DO NOT need this perfect pencil skirt. I do not. BUT, I really fell in love with the cinnamon stick color and just completely lost all self control. Typical. The length of this skirt (in the regular, not petite) is very nice on me for the fall. Not too "Amish" long, but long enough to block cold fall wind. (since you can't see in the pics, it hits right below the knee cap on me) The new darts they added this season are fantastic.
I bought my normal size 2 in the skirt, although the PS wanted me to try the zero. Naaa.... need some room to grow for the fall and winter! (it's not swim season anymore! ha!) This skirt fits me WAY better than the Spring/Summer cotton version AND the watercolor floral skirt (although I still have and love that skirt, as well) I can't wait to pair this with thick brown tights and booties or boots for the winter!
Shown w/ Kelsey and cream Jackie

With chocolate Jackie - even though it looks black!
**Bottom Line: Both seem to run TTS - especially the top which is not as baggy as previous tops. I purchased both of these at FP based solely on the colors - I have a feeling they will go pretty fast (at least, I love them that much!)
What do you think about the outfits? Have better ideas for tonight? TIA for any comments to help!


  1. Sorry for the crappy formatting... or lack there of ... blogspot is really ticking me off today! It won't save any of my formatting changes! grrr....

  2. I loveth these colours together. No, they are not too fall-ish, perfect for the Parent night you are going to, IMO.
    The top will be great with jeans too. That cinnamon colour is also really versatile. Good Shoppin'!!

  3. PrettyBallerina: Thanks!

    DaniBP: Thanks for the input! Now that I don't work, I basically treat any trip out of the house like a special occasion! Can't wait to wear these!!

    I'm not thinking about pairing the skirt with the perfect fit ruffle front tank in ivory and throwing a cardi over it! I'll have to steam the Kelsey if I want to wear it.... so I'll have to see if I have time! I really want to wear the Kelsey though since it's silk and this will be a baby-free night out... hmmm

    Ooo... and shoes ... not sure about that either! Transitioning into fall is always hard for me as far as shoes are concerned!

  4. Congrats on your purchases. I saw the Kelsey yesterday in that color and it's just beautiful (but I don't have anything to pair it with). The perfect pencil skirt is beautiful, I bought my first one this year and I'm totally won over.
    Here in NY we are having a perfect fall day (cold for the season), I would totally wear that outfit if I had to go to a parent's night!

  5. love the skirt and top together, with the brown colored jackie, the best. i think it's a perfect fall outfit. lovely:) Good luck with parent's night!!!!!!

  6. In case you are a size 7 in shoes, I saw a pair of Isabella on ebay that would look great with that top and are cheap:

  7. Thanks Ema! You are right! Those are gorgeous and cheap! Definitely putting them on my watch list! Would still love to find penelope peep toes in the canyon in a size 7... but I think I may have to give up on that!

  8. Ok -- this is what I'm talking about. If I stick with 5-6 colors, max, they will all go together w/ease. I will spend many fewer hours standing mindlessly in front of the closet. And I'll be hot to trot when I walk out of the house, even if it's to the post office. Right?

    I love your color palette. Love the cami w/the skirt. And the gold belt. I have no idea what color CSP is. Cinnamon Spice?

    The colors are very fall, but it just depends on what your weather is like. They have the Halloween/Thanksgiving stuff in store ;-)

  9. Gigi - thanks for the input and for reading!

    You are right about the stores having all the fall stuff in already.... I'm pretty sure it was out BEFORE Labor Day!! If there are still 'rules' about what you can and can't wear after Labor Day, there should be rules about what stores can and can't display!! ;)

    I wonder if CSP is cinnamon spice? Hmmm...

  10. The associates at my JC store said most of the silks marked "dry clean" CAN be hand washed, but "dry clean ONLY" really means it. I am still always excited, though, when a tag says 'hand wash' instead of 'dry clean' because I feel like I am more following the rules. Do let us know how Kelsey comes out of the hand wash and whether you will iron or steam the ruffle part.

  11. Thanks for sharing! :o) LOVE!!

    I was thinking the CSP was maybe *Copper Spice* but that was before I saw gigi's 'Cinnamon Spice'...hhhmmmm!?!

  12. MMM - I bet it is copper spice ... it makes more sense with the mustard coloring ... I guess we'll see as the fall/ winter goes on ... hopefully someone will get a definite answer! Not that it matters!

  13. I LOVE these color combinations, and they look great on you!!!!

  14. It means "cinnamon spice." It's the same code i found for one of the Carolyn merino cardigans, and the receipt had color code "CSP," text "Cinnamon Spice."

  15. thanks for the fitting info on the skirt! i've been wanting to order it but was iffy on sizing :)

  16. cleo26: Thanks! I guess that solves the mystery!!

    tres tippy: I think you'll love it! I wasn't impressed with the Spring/ Summer version of this skirt (felt kind of papery to me) but this one is just great!

    Thanks for reading, gals!


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