Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yummy Target Finds (and one go-back JC cardi)

Sorry I was MIA last week. We went to Ft. Myers and I didn't bring my computer! It never occurred to me that I wouldn't be able to do any blogging from the beach because I didn't have any of my pictures! Oh well! No more vacations for a while!

Anyway, there are a couple of tops and a dress I found at Target recently that I think are so cute! All are cute enough to be look-alikes for several other designers/ stores I'm sure .... but for now I'm just going to show you the pics because I'm soooooo overwhelmed with trying to clean up from our vacation and need to get off of here!

What a wonderful 3-season cotton dress. The material doesn't have the same nice hand-feel that the JC ones have, but this was about 20 bucks and it's not clingy {Bonus!} and the fabric isn't see-through like a lot of cheap-o versions of these dresses! Love this! It came in other great colors, too!
I thought the contrast piping on this top, combined with the flutter sleeves was too cute to pass up!
I really love this tank. It's 100% cotton. It will go great under solid colored cardis this fall! I'm pretty sure JC had a tank that looked like this recently. I'm really loving this color for fall!

The last I checked, all of these items were available online ... but that was over a week ago! I purchased them all in-store, so I know you can get them there!
Finally, a big letdown. This is the Cashmere Croquet Cardigan from J. Crew I was stalking on JC's website for a long time .... so I finally pulled the trigger and ordered it with my few fall pieces a couple weeks ago. OMG! Every time I see a picture of this IRL, it looks WAY different than online (and what I had in my mind!). In person, the bright pink is even brighter and more silly looking (IMO). This was a definite return, even at around $69.00.

I'm a BIG pink person, but even I couldn't make this work on me! The trim kind-of glows!!


  1. Wow-I have seen this post 3x and it finally clicked that THAT'S the JCrew cardi. Yeah...go back. I like the dress. How much was that?

  2. Thanks for reading Gigi!

    A couple of my last paragraphs mushed together and it was hard to see where I started talking about the JC cardi! I was shocked and disappointed when I saw the coloring! I had been lusting over it for weeks! Luckily, the return of it was no problem! ;)

    I know the Target dress was about $24 - a great deal IMO!

  3. Love the dress-------I have the same exact one! Wore it already twice, with a cardi thrown over it. I saw that flutter top, too, and almost bought it!! Cute your blog:)

  4. I LOVE that Dress, too! What brand is it??

    Agree about the JC cardi.

  5. Hi! I linked from Gigi's post on the same flutter-sleeve top! I love that one! Adorable with the leopard print skirt.

    Do you still have any tag info (brand, name and/or DPCI) for the ruffly tank? I haven't seen it in my Target and would love to have one! :) Thanks!

  6. Great reviews...both those tops are super cute!

  7. Great finds at Target! (appalled by the JC cardi IRL - so sorry!)

    Which Target brand is the dress? Thanks!

  8. mommydearest: It's a Mossimo Black item from Target. Go to and search for "mossimo black tank" and it will be in the first page or 2 of results! Also, you can put this code {B002DJYDHM} into the seach box and the tank comes right up!! Good luck! I ended up having to order it off the internet just to get the size I needed! Lovely!

    HeidiG & Chasing Davies: The dress brand is Merona. I can't find the exact one online, but I found one almost exactly like it, but maybe even cuter!!! Search for {B0025Y1GXY} and the dress will come up! Plus, it's got some great colors available! Let me know what you end up with!! Thanks for reading!

  9. Thanks, Lindsay! (Isn't it so frustrating that Target online and in store seem to have almost nothing in common?!)

  10. OK, item # B0025Y1GXY at Target IS the exact same dress I have ... I'm not sure why I thought it was different!


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