Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ribbon-Front Bow Top - J. Crew {What a Deal!}

While perusing through my local B&M recently, I happened across this top. I really liked it when it first came out, but not enough to pull the trigger ... especially after reading some less-than-fabulous blog reviews about the fit.
However, when I ran across it at $19.99, I felt like it was a "Hell yeah!" no-brainer! I've already worn it twice. I could definitely see how someone who is ample in the "ladies" department would have to size-up in this top, or find it to be a hard fit in general, but for me it works! I LOVE the cotton/ silk blend and the nice sheen!

For 20 bucks, you better head to your local store now and see if you can pick one up!


  1. GREAT DEAL--and it looks super on you!!!

  2. I love this top. I bought FP and then returned it, regretted it and re-bought on sale for 49.99. I can't believe that this top hit the 19.99 bottom, it's so cute and well made. SO, congrats! I will have a post soon (I already took pics with various outfits).

  3. Love the top on you! Since I am not "ample", maybe I should try it... Thanks for the suggestion! And the price...what a deal!

  4. It looks great on you! I purchased the shadow color one online a few weeks ago for around $40 and when I saw this ivory one at my b&m for $19.99 this past weekend I had to get it too! What a great deal! Whoo-ray for us!! :D

  5. You know, I never saw the "shadow" color in person .... I think I would LOVE that color, too! Thanks for all the comments!


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