Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How Did I Get on *THIS* List?

As most people know, Tuesday is junk mail day (unless you are expecting a delivery from your UPS or FedEx boyfriend, in which case, it's anything but junk, but anyway...) so when I went to the mailbox today I was expecting just the mundane fliers from landscapers and cereal coupons. To my delight, there was a mysterious and thick white envelope and, alas, it was addressed to me. (In all honestly, had it been addressed to my DH, I would have opened it anyway, so it really didn't matter)

I instantly began hoping it was a fall look-book from JC for being a cardholder, but good thing I wasn't holding my breath because it was no such thing. I was shocked to see that it was from Ralph Lauren... but then I remembered I buy nearly ALL my son's clothing from RalphLauren.com, so it kind of made sense.

Until I opened it.

This is - by far - the nicest and most impressive mailer I've ever received from a store (I don't shop a lot of upscale stores, though, so what do I know?) I even had to take pictures it was so nice! They are promoting their 2009 Fall Collection Accessories line. Within a fabulous cardboard alligator-skin-looking briefcase thingy, there are about 30 glossy color picture cards featuring accessories, and on the back is a name, description, and price.

Ahh yes, the price. This is why I SERIOUSLY do not understand why I received this bit of loveliness in my mailbox... the first card features a handbag of some sort and the price is $16,000 + (no, I didn't add too many zeros - sixteen thousand dollars!!) ... so I proceeded to put the cards back in the fantastic case they came in and sat it aside! Gosh, I wonder if you get free shipping on that.... well, anyway...

HA! How did I get my name on this list? LOL! But really, way to go Ralph Lauren.... this was a very impressive marketing investment!!!

PS - If anyone would like this, I'll mail it to the first person who responds in the comment section. Leave me your email so I can get your address.

Coming up... I went a little crazy a JC today with the fall stuff, I'm adding a new coat to my must-have wish list, and I got a fabulous North Face rain parka that you should seriously check out (especially if you live on the east coast!) So check back later this week!


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