Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Obession: Ruffle Front Coat in Camel - J. Crew

Ruffle-Front Coat - J. Crew ($268)

First, I should preface this post with a little warning: I hate a coat/ jacket obsession. And not just little blazers and cute jackets, I mean real, full-on winter coats!! For some ladies it's purses and shoes, for me it's coats and swim suits (weird combo, right!?) although I've noticed myself becoming more obsessed over J. Crew (and other's) handbags, jewelry, and shoes lately (I think I've got to give a little credit to Alexis and her amazing J. Crew blog and all the JCA's over at for that!! ;)

I tried this beauty on in my B&M yesterday in black (they did not have it in the camel, so anyone who has actually seen the camel, please do share!!) and I sat in the dressing room for like ten minutes debating on whether or not to order it on the red phone. Grr! I hate choices! I already had a big pile of pieces I wanted to buy sitting in front of me .... so it was them, or the coat.

Lovey lovey lovey this coat!!

Ultimately, I had to go ahead and buy the other pieces and leave without ordering the coat. I KNOW deep down there will eventually be a 20% private sale or coat promo... but I really wanted the coat NOW! I'm not sure why since it's still in the 80's here, but still.

Initially I was debating on which coat I liked best between the Ruffle Front and the Wool Ribbon Script Coat, but ended up noticing the detail at the back waist on the ruffle front, which I think is so much flattering than nothing at all on the back!

Wool Ribbon Script coat

Back of Script Coat - plain

Back of the Ruffle Front coat w/ cute waist detail

I think both coats are about the same length - which is an ultra-flattering, ultra-useful mid-thigh length. I can see just throwing this coat on as an everyday item. I'm not sure how crazy-warm and toasty it will be in the coldest of winters, though. I don't own any coats in this fabric yet, so I'd love to hear more about the warmth of it!

**Bottom Line: So, I've added it as number 1 on my lust list! LOVE IT!! MUST HAVE IT!! Let's see how long I can hold out! At this point, it's wait listed in size 2 until November (which makes me want to order it now .... kind of like layaway until it ships, right!? ;) The fit is TTS as far as J. Crew coats go. I got a 2 in all my coats last year (Felicia, Madeline, and Tulip) and that is what I'll be ordering in this one!!

What coat are you lusting over? Have you tried anything on that's awesome or just OK? When are we thinking there might be a private sale or promos on fall stuff? I'd love to hear!!

** On a side note, my PS yesterday said the next roll out will be the Christmas roll out! Yea!


  1. Here is a review of that coat! Hope it helps!?!

    Also, PLEASE share your new purchases! :-P I'd love to hear/see what you ended-up getting! (hint, hint) ;)

  2. Awesome! Thanks for the review link!!

    I have taken the pics of all my new stuff - which is the first step. I should get a couple of them up today! Thanks for reading!

  3. I have been lusting over the "script" coat since the moment I saw it in the look book. I've almost pre-ordered it but I wasn't sure about the color (the antique stone versus the black). I can't wait to see it IRL and try it on, but I guess that I have to be patient because they didn't get it with the new arrivals at my local store (did you see it in your store?)
    The ruffle front is cute too but more of an everyday coat as you said (while I'm looking for a coat to wear in the evening as I always end up wearing my black puffer jacket). You'll get a lot of wear out of it!

  4. I purchased the ruffle front coat in Camel and love it!!

  5. I too am obsessed with the ruffle coat in camel! It is #1 on my J.Crew wishlist right now. I tried on the black in store, but had my heart set on the camel -- if they had had it in stock, it would have been mine then and there ;) Now that I'm home though and my wallet has tried to have a rationalizing talk with me, I'm holding out for a sale or at least a discount code.

  6. goldenmeans: I KNOW! All it would take it just a tiny little push from JC to go ahead and order this coat! (well, at least 20% off!) I'm keeping an eye on the sizes online to make sure I don't wait too late!! Good luck to you, as well!


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