Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Merona Skirt: J.Crew Deco Shirred Skirt Alternative

Once again, I stumbled across a great little deal at Target. I found a really comfy and flattering skirt in a cute print! I'm going to use it as my way to justify NOT buying the JC Deco Shirred Silk/ Wool skirt!

J. Crew Deco Shirred Skirt $98.00

I really wanted to buy this skirt when it first came out. An associate in JC had it on while I was shopping and it looked so cute! But, I just found it too pricey and short in length for the fall and winter, so I had to pass on it and bought the Perfect Pencil Skirt instead.

Target Skirt: Merona Brand Color: Birds Nest Ebony $16.99

Of course there are major differences here. Obviously, the JC pattern is cooler, that goes without saying. However, this Target version is much more casual in cotton ... which means washable and more appropriate for non-office attire. The length is longer and the fabric is very stretchy, making this a more comfortable and warmer alternative.
At 17 bucks, you can't really beat it! The skirt also comes in solid colors and is sold online and in stores! All of my local Targets were sold out of this print, so I had to order it online in my size!

Had to share! Enjoy!
PS: To find this skirt online, search "B00281BDYG" on the Target site!


  1. That does look like a pretty good sub - and will probably work better than the JC original for some! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Target's version is just like J Crew's abstract rose print, but without the additional roses in color.

    I didn't get a chance to try it on because it was sold out of my size, but I liked the way it looks on the hanger. They also have a sleeveless vneck top in the same pattern.


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