Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New J.Crew Cardi - Stained Glass

I still had a few things to return to the store yesterday, so I stopped in to check out some of the new items that arrived, as well.   Part of me was relieved (the I've-put-way-too-much-on-my-credit-card-this-season part of me) to see that there wasn't anything super spectacular on the floor.  (Certainly some good deals on cords for $29 + 20% off if you need them, but I'm set on cords)

As far as the new stuff I actually remember seeing and noticing....

Dotty Short - $58
Love these, but don't really need them.  Plus, thinking about putting on shorts right now makes me want to puke.

Chambray Popover - $78
These didn't look cute hanging in the store .... I didn't even look at them. However, I might have looked closer had I seen this one in the store:

Love this "Vintage Latticework" pattern, at least online!

Skirt - $39 (NOT the one pictured here, but close)
I don't see it online, but there was a denim-looking very thin skirt in this shape with an elastic waistband hanging in the front of the store.  Didn't try it on, but might have been worth it for the price.  Anyone else know what I'm talking about here?

Skimmer Pant - $69.50
Basically the new Cafe Capri, I guess?  I really liked these... even in this slate color.  Plus, aren't the cafe's usually $79?  These will probably eventually be on promo for $49 and I'll try them on!  Still wish the inseam was more "cropped" on me.... 26" doesn't cut it when my full-length jeans are 29"!!  Maybe I'll try to petite?!

OK, and finally for something I actually purchased...

Stained Glass Cardigan - $88
Really like the colors in this, esp the light pink and gray, and it will look great with my other fave color.... navy!

Excuse the ugly nude-colored cami underneath!  I do think I'll wear them with the navy cafe capris, though!  Loving navy right now!

 And, while we're on the topic of this pattern, me lovey this too...

Buttoned up - which I never do .... plus this is an XS and I think a Small would be better for full-frontal-closure!

The back.  It says this has bracelet sleeves, but they were bascially long-sleeves on me and I have long arms!  FYI.

Something about this pattern in the swimwear looks amazing to me .... too bad I'm long-waisted, this would never work on me!

That's it for me for now .... but I do have a post coming up about 3 pairs of boots I just snagged in a shoe clearance room at Von Maur.... I'm so excited!  Happy New Year!


  1. Love the cardigan and actually your cami looks good with it in the pics.

    Maybe the skirt that you saw was the Indigo skirt (22997)? But it's way more expensive then the one pictured.

    I must stay away from the stores, I'm going on a beach vacation at the end of January and I'm sure that I'll will be tempted to buy into the cruise collection.

  2. I love that cardigan (and the swimsuit) there is just something about that is dreamy!

  3. I really like the colors in your cardigan. It looks great on you. I hope this is indicative of more colors for spring from J.Crew this spring!


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