Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Two *Really* Great Online Shopping Sites - Just In Time For Christmas!

I've been a little slow on getting things posted recently ... I can't imagine why... haha - Christmas kicks my butt every year!

Anyway, in all the craziness, I just HAD to mention two of my absolute FAVORITE websites to shop these days.  Of course, J.Crew is right up there (BTW - ordered my fave Frances Cami in Cinnamon Spice this morning on sale for $69 - yummy!) 

but these sites are special for unique reasons.

I discovered this website when I was looking for waxing supplies (I do my own legs - yes it hurts, but totally worth it) and have continued to use it for several years now.  Not only do they offered a lot of salon-supply-type products, but they also have OPI nailpolish and treatments (and other great brands such as Orly, China Glaze, etc...) for about HALF (yeah, I said half) of what you will pay at a department store or salon.  One drawback is that they calculate shipping after packing your order, so they can't tell you exactly what shipping is going to be when you check out, but mine has always been reasonable and about $10 or less.  Speaking of shipping, they use USPS Priority Mail, which is great because it's cheap, fast, and delivers on Saturday!

Oh boy, this is my favorite right now!  Get this people, FREE Shipping and FREE Returns!!  No minimums, codes, or any other blah blah blah.... and 2 Day UPS Shipping!  Just plain ole' awesomeness!!  This site has everything running/ workout related you could want!  Fabulous!  Shoes, pants, tops, jackets, accessories and more!  Most things are discounted very nicely, plus if you are part of a running group/club/team, see if you qualify for a team discount!  I have purchased almost my entire running waredrobe on this site, including  a new pair of Brooks running shoes in a 2A (hard to find!) that were only $60!  And, when I had to return something, there was no problem and I quickly received a refund. Love love love this site!  Even if you aren't a runner .... this site might inspire you to become one!

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  1. Thanks for the info on Running Warehouse! I am trying to be a runner again and will need new shoes soon.


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