Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Outfits of the Day - Mostly J. Crew

I need to catch-up on posting, so here are a few quick outfits!

I just love this top.  From the exposed zipper in the back to the patter... love love love.  AND, I figured I would go ahead and wear it in the Fall with jeans because ... well, everything goes with jeans! (right Gigi?! I think you mentioned this in a post a while back!)  I always have to put a fitted cami under this top though, because when I raise my arms or bend over, all is exposed!

Love the Copelle Paisley paired with these Penelope's from a couple years back!  I also tried the rolled jean bottom look for the night with my straight leg Citizens jeans  ... not sure I pulled it off, but whatev...

Go-To Cafe Capris paired with ATL Chiffon Rose Tee and JC Always Cardigan in Black (I love how this cardigan could be a PJ cover-up or you could wear it over a dress... love it!)

I didn't take a picture of this outfit, but I recently wore the Ocelot Cardigan with the Victoria Ruffle Tissue Cami together and it looked FAB!! 


  1. Yes..."with jeans." *lol* I have the cotton Victoria in dark slate & pairing it w/an animal cardi is a beautiful idea. I'll try to remember to work cords with it...and not jeans ;-)

    The coppelle top looks so good on you. It's silk, so probably feels good too.

  2. I also have the Penelopes in navy and I love them. I don't take them out too often, but always get compliments when I do!

  3. Kathy: I don't bring mine out very often because they KILL my feet.... just like all my other JC shoes ... but I love them! I have to alternate with UGGS!

  4. I am laughing becasue I have had those shoes for SO long and I do love them (in fact, I have the geen version as well) but I had yet to wear (either) of them until this weekend. I wore the same blue pair to a party and I swear my feet were D-Y-I-N-G. They were swollen, painful and they still hurt today. Great looking and I still love the style but I will NEVER wear them unless it's just dinner or sit down stuff, again.


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