Saturday, December 19, 2009

Special Gift From *J.Crew* - Merry Christmas!

I contemplated not getting the mail today due to the 36 degrees and rain (awesome winter weather mix), though it was definitely worth the venture down the driveway to the mailbox this afternoon.

There was a box!  Yea!  A present!  I hadn't ordered anything recently, so I knew it just had to be a present! (OK - that's sort of a lie .... I have ordered A LOT of things recently, but all were being shipped UPS, so I knew that they wouldn't be in the mailbox!  Anyway...)

The return address was J.Crew!  Woo Hoo!

I figured from the size of the box it would probably be stationary, since I know some cardholders received that last year.  However, the gift turned out to be much nicer and more useful!  And, as a bonus, PINK!

Turns out, inside the box was a nicely presented calendar/ planner for 2010.  Not only does it have monthly and weekly calendars, but also a ton of other useful info.... including spaces for addresses, conversion charts, holidays, maps, etc... 

Displayed in the mailing box with a note from Mickey

Pretty inside front and back cover paper

I looked for this puppy online, but the closest thing I could find was the Personal Pocket Calendar (shown here), which appears to be smaller, but just as cute.

What a super exciting surprise before Christmas!  And this is the second one this year... a few months ago I received a pair of gorgeous earrings! 

I must be spending more money with the company than I thought, but that's not their fault, so "Thank you J. Crew!"  I can't wait to start using my new calendar!

Did anyone else recieve a gift?  Are you a cardholder?


  1. Well, yay for you. It is very pretty!

    We are snowed in, as is our mail service. If I am a lucky recipient of such an awesome gift, it may be DAYS before I see it...

    If I am not a lucky recipient, I hope they make that size available on-line, I would love something like that as a family planner for the house!!! :)

  2. I just received mine in the mail today as well! So unexpected - and so cute! I just did a post about it on my blog too. :) It's definitely one of those things I never would've thought to buy for myself, but I have a feeling I'll definitely be getting lots of use out of it in the coming year. That J.Crew, so darn thoughtful!

  3. how nice! the planner is so cute..and i want those earrings so bad!

  4. Hi, yes I got the planner on Thursday afternoon. It's lovely. I'm not a cardholder, but it's been printed often that J Crew doesn't track customers only as cardholders. They use email addresses.

  5. dina: hope the weather is clearning up so you can get out of the house!

    Rats: I agree, wouldn't have bought it for myself, but I'm excited to use it!

    Diva: I LOVE those earrings ... I thought I wouldn't have anything to wear them with, but they go with everything!

    Suzy: Thanks for the info... that's nice to hear that they reward not only cardholders, but also good customers!


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