Wednesday, March 24, 2010

J.Crew Jessie Cotton Dress *Updated*

Here it is in Muted Grape in an extra small.

Rockin' the baby bump

Slub cotton on top, cotton lawn on the bottom, with a little ruffle in the middle!

Not too puffy, even prego!

For some reason, I feel cute in this dress.  It does come in an XXS, which to me means it runs big..... which, it probably does because I'm 5 months pregnant and the XS fits just fine with some extra room.  I didn't really need this, but the color sold me on it, plus like I said, something about it just makes me feel cute!

UPDATE:  After reading some iffy reviews about the possibly see-thruness of this dress, I've ordered this LOFT dress to see if it might be a better alternative.  I ordered it in a maternity XS and regular Small.  I'll come back and update when it arrives!


  1. I thought this dress is familiar, it's almost identical to JC's slub cottage dress from last summer! I love this color on you - so pretty.

  2. I sooooooo wanted to love this dress. Btw, I am 25 weeks preggo, and i bought the "double v dress" from jcrew and it is adorable,even on my preggo bellly. I highly recommend that dress. But this jessie dress? when i got it, i was disappointed, as the material is so thin and the bottom skirt part is almost see through. I got the gray color. Maybe it's just the gray , but it was so thin and sheer and just not worth the money, in my opinion. This dress DOES look cute on you, and if anything makes you feel CUTE, being preggo, it's a keeper!!!!!!!!

  3. You look absolutely adorable! :)

    I purchased this dress in this (gorgeous) muted grape color too! Not only does it look cute non-preggo, but I know that it'll work if I get pregnant again {fingers crossed} too!! =P

  4. It reminds me of a similar dress that the Gap sold last year. I think that this kind of dress is overpriced at Jcrew, but it looks very cute on you and you don't have to worry about the "looking pregnant" effect that these dresses can add!

  5. Thanks for all the comments. I think it's the color that sold me on it .... I still need to try it on a couple more times before I decide for sure.
    Ema: Good point, a lot of Gap's knit dresses are similar and more reasonably priced. I need to pop over there and see what they have to offer, too. Although, I'm pretty set on this muted grape color!

  6. The dress looks fantastic on you! And if it makes you feel cute, then it's totally worth it!

  7. Mrs.Anketell: What color did you get in the double-v dress? I would be interested in the light berry, but I'm wondering if it, too, is see-thru like this dress.

  8. Hi Lindsey-
    I think that color looks fantastic on your skin and don't feel too bad about the price if you think you will wear it for years to come (it's classic). I did see some similar dresses at Target tonight, but not in the same color :(
    So-hate to burst your bubble, but I ordered that ATL lilac colored dress and I found the material to be ultra thin. I felt like it hung to all the wrong places (rear, thighs, gasp) and I could defintely not wear underwear w/it (who wants to see a preggo woman w/out underwear :)) I also found it to run big. I typically wear an 8 and ordered a medium and it was loose, but still clingy in the wrong spots.
    Now...I did order the Empire V-Neck dress in the coral color and I LOVE this dress:
    I bet the raspberry color would look fantastic w/your skin tone.
    I also order this Liz Lange dress and it is my favorite thus far:

    BTW...I am 25 weeks along if that helps you.

    Good luck!

  9. Christy: Thank you so so much for all the helpful info!! Thanks for reading!

    Update on the LOFT dresses: They were a return. I didn't notice much of a fit difference between the regular and maternity sizes. And, while they weren't really see-thru, they were definitely clingy and too long. just wanted to update!


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