Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fabulous LOFT Knit Dress

I wasn't really looking for another dress I could wear right now (seeing as how we are now under the 7 week countdown!) but I couldn't resist trying on this little number when I was doing some returns at LOFT last week.  I was in a wedding this weekend, so I was able to justify the purchase as an outfit for the rehearsal dinner.

This is a size small.  It's actually still very flowy on and I considered the XS.  Color is a nice, dark navy.  Pretty beading around the neckline with an open keyhole back with tie-ribbon at the neck. Semi-bra friendly.... I wore a black one just to make sure.

I don't see this online - yet.  Maybe it will be eventually, or is could be an in-store only style?  I was able to get it during the recent "50% off dress" promo, so it was half-off $69.00.  If you swing by a LOFT, check for this dress... the neckline is so flattering, and it obviously works for any of you who might happen to be pregnant, as well! 


  1. I just bought a gray knit dress at LOFT for $25. Great pregnant minds think alike.

    Seven weeks. Holy smokes! You're getting down to the home stretch.

  2. The LOFT dresses seem to fit very well during pregnancy... and after! This one was especially roomy!

    Ooh, thanks for saying that! 7 weeks is feeling like a long time with all the heat and humidity we've been having around here!

  3. 7 weeks is a great time to buy a new dress :) Everything else starts to look so unappealing. Adorbs on you.

    I really wish I hadn't missed this 50% Loft dresses...

  4. You look so pretty in that dress! Good luck in the next 7 weeks! I'm down to the wire with only 2 1/2 weeks left. It is getting so hot...so relieved to see the end of the tunnel!
    Oh...PS...because of you ...I bought that Kate Spade bag!


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