Monday, June 21, 2010

Martin + Osa: Store Closing Deals!

Seeing as how Martin and Osa is apparently closing, all sales are final both online and in stores. This kept me away while everything was only 30% off, but now that our entire B&M is 50% off, I had to take a look around!

I REALLY wanted to pick out some denim because I love love love the jeans I have from there, but being in this "condition" there is no way I can take a chance on denim since every pair fits differently.

I did, however, find a couple of cute items that I think will be very versatile and comfy down the road...

White linen button-up shirt - Size 0.  I wanted a 2, but you can't be choosy when it's only $25 (reg. $69).  I think since it fits in the shoulders now, there should be no problem post-pregnancy!

Can also be worn open until I CAN button it!

Gray hoodie snap cardigan - Size S. Also $25 (reg. $69)

This is so soft and comfy, plus love the length and color!

If you have a M+O in your area, it might be worth seeing what they have left in your size.  If you need jeans, I highly recommend checking them out!  There is also a trench coat that I REALLLLLY wanted, but my store only had XL's.  Check it out!  Happy shopping!


  1. Thanks, I'm going to check it out online asap. I love the hoodie, it looks on you. Love the color too.

  2. Sue: Yes, check it out! The hoodie is pure comfort!

  3. just found your blog! i was searching martin + osa (so sad about their demise). i'll follow you. here's my current blog if you'd like to do the same!

    My next blog project is fashion related and now working on including a variety of contributors. I love how you've customized voting below your photos.



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