Monday, June 28, 2010

Lusting After Some Talbots: It's Been A While! (And, We're Back to a Shopping Ban!)

Here's the Deal:

In preparing for our second baby, and indulging in a little more maternity shopping than I should have/ planned for, I've really spent beyond my budget.  That said, I am putting myself on a Voluntary, yet very much necessary, Shopping Ban until after the baby is born.

Looking ahead, I've been making lists (both mental and written) of clothing pieces that I would really like to try for fall and possibly late summer (when hopefully I can fit back into an almost normal size for me).   This will be in place of actually buying, trying, returning or keeping, etc... at least for a while!

I'll be periodically picking a store or website, reviewing items that I own that I love from there, and then showcasing items on my "Lust List".

I start with: Talbots...

**Update:  A wonderful blogger, Gigi, over at is currently running a giveaway contest where one lucky reader will receive a $250 Talbots Gift Card!!  WOW!!  {Enter Here} Be sure to stop by and check it out!!**

I haven't 'visited' Talbots on this blog for a while ... I think since I made an absurd amount of jewelry purchases early in the Spring.... probably when they were offering 20% off any purchase to Rewards members a few months ago (which was awesome!)  What is really tough about NOT shopping at Talbots right now is that I have a $25 Rewards card burning a hole in my wallet!

The most recent Talbots catalog is pretty impressive - and I say this as a J.Crew junkie and enthusiast.  In fact, about 50% of the catalog could have passed as J.Crew.  The other 50%:  more dressy, work appropriate, or conservative driven.... but still cute.  Bottom line, Talbots has made some big improvements here lately (as has LOFT, in my opinion) so those of us in the 25-35 age range needn't automatically walk by the Talbots at the local mall .... walk in and check it out!

Still loving (and NOT able to wear at the moment, thanks to the now very-apparent baby bump I'm carrying with me) the Twill Trench in Gypsy Rose...

Currently on Sale for $89!

5-months Prego - this is a size P2

And, getting a lot of wear out of these beauties (which come in a narrow - woot!)

Python-Embossed Leather Wedges - on sale for $78.99
Funny thing about these shoes ... a lady at a boutique where I like to check out the newest Tory Burch and Stuart Weitzman shoes (both of which run narrow) commented on these and asked wear they were from because so many of their customers are looking for shoes to fit narrow feet!  I told her Talbots and she looked shocked, but said she was going to have to start sending her clients there to look at shoes!  haha!  Where's my commission!?! LOL

So what am I lusting after right now?

This jacket comes in a ton of great colors, but I'm really wanting the Deck Red.  I tried this on in a size 2 in my local store about a month ago and fell in love!!  I'm thinking the red color will be great for fall, but also compliment my surplus of white and navy I've gathered during this 'nautical' trend.  Usually I go with a Petite 2 if there is no regular size 2 offered.  Luckily, this style does come in a regular 2, which is good because it provides extra length for my long torso!

Just add this to the many-a-striped tees and tanks that I am loving right now.  This tee comes in many great colors, some on sale for $16! I'd like to see the navy and possibly the red colors!  Not sure on the sizing for this one, but I'm thinking either a PP, PS, or S.  I wish an XS was offered.

Crushable Straw Hobo - $62.99 on sale
I've loved this for a while.  Perfect size and style for summer, it even has a little gold fleck in it.  Also came in a brown that I would be interested in, as well!

Anything YOU are lusting after at Talbots right now?  Have you tried either of these 2 items?  I'd love to hear what you think!


  1. Thanks for blogging about the giveaway.

    I love those shoes & the handbag. I'm averting my eyes away from striped items. They always get me. Love, love, love.

  2. Gigi: I know! I'm on stripe over-load right now! ahh!

  3. Hi Lindsey!
    I love those shoes as well (have them)! They are the only item I bought from Talbots this spring. I love the stripes on you! I saw you mentioned jewelry overload shopping - - brings back memories of my first pregnancy. There were NO cute maternity clothes in 1984 when my first was born. Therefore, I accessorized A LOT!

  4. Suzy: Those shoes are pretty comfy, but I can't wedge my sausage feet in them right now! Oh well! I can even remember the maternity clothes my mom wore with my little sister ... not good! They've made some great strides here lately... and most of the current styles in regular clothing (tunics, baby-doll tops, leggings, etc...) can accomodate a prego belly at least for the first few months! Thanks for stopping by!


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