Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kate Spade Big Apple Bon Shopper Tote in Gold/Silver

I initially purchased this tote from ATL during the 40% off everything frenzy last weekend...

It's really cute... a neutral straw-like texture with some gold sparkle and brown handles. 

But, then I saw this one by Kate Spade at our Von Maur department store and fell in love with it...

So when was offering 25% off sale recently, I pulled the trigger on the more-practical gold/silver version!   The price was about $100 after the promo and sale price!

The Platinum Gold side...

and the Silver side.

Neither the silver or gold are crazy-shiny or sparkly, but just enough to be very class summer-chic!  The fabric is substantial enough to keep the bag's shape with lots of stuff in it, the vachetta leather handles will only get better with time, and the inside has a large pocket that's great for a cell-phone and other little items.

I've already used this bag several times in the past week and I LOVE it!!  If the price ever goes any lower than $100, I'll get the pink/orange version, as well!  With this bag being both gold and silver, I can carry it with any outfit for any non-formal occasion and it's perfect!

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  1. Thanks for posting IRL pics. I have my eye on the orange/pink version. Have you tried any of the small accessories??? I just received the Beauty Shop Henrietta during last week's promo and it's very cute.....perfect for cosmetics.

  2. Patina: OK, so what I didn't write in the post is that I ACTUALLY bought the pink/orange one, too ... but I had to send one back for now! The pink and orange is awesome! I had to send that one back because I just bought that big orange nylon tote I reviewed a couple weeks back and the oranges were the same. I REALLY want the pink/orange one still, though! Let me know if you pull the trigger! I wish I would have taken IRL pics of that one, too .. but I thought if I kept it around too long I might chicken out on returning it! ;)

  3. Okaaaayyy, LOVE This Kate Spade bag!! I may have to go ahead and get it----not a bad price right now, with free shipping. What does the inside look like?? any pockets??

  4. I like the Loft handbag, but I really like structured bags so the Kate is even nicer. Very cute.

  5. Laughing because I bought the ATL bag thinking it would be a great tote to throw baby stuff in and then I saw this post and now I kind of want the KS one instead. It would get more use for all seasons.

  6. Christy: That IS funny! The ATL one was a little more comfy to carry b/c the handles aren't leather, but really soft! I think the KS leather handles will soften up with use, though... and it is super-cute and 4-season appropriate! Still stalking the sale for the pink one to get cheaper!

  7. Hi Lindsey,

    I love that KS bag. I like how it's more structured than the other one.

    Would you mind sharing any info or recommendations on baby bags? Thanks for helping a prego sista out!

  8. Susan: I'm so glad you mentioned that because I have a post pretty much ready to go on a diaper bag and I almost forgot!! Coming tonight or tomorrow! THanks!

  9. Hi Lindsey-
    So...I just search eBay for this Kate Spade bag seeing if I could find it cheaper. Someone has it out there w/your pictures (you preggo) and wasn't sure if it was you as they are in NC?
    Just thought I would let you know.

  10. Hey Lindsey,
    Someone on eBay is selling the silver/gold bag and has your pictures tied to it:
    Wasn't sure if it was you since it says the seller is in NC.
    Just thought you might want to know.

  11. Christy: Uhh... NO THAT'S NOT ME SELLING THAT!! That makes me mad!!! I'm in Kentucky!! I'll see what I can do! Thank you so so so much for pointing that out! Total crap! I need to learn how to make a watermark / copyright thingy for my pictures and I can't seem to figure it out!

  12. I'm a little late on this one, but just purchased the K.S. last night. I love it. Do you think it would be against the "rules" if I used it this Fall too? It would be the perfect bag for tutoring and the library and such. Just wondering about what you think...I'm a new follower BTW!

  13. Rebecca: I totally think this is a year-round bag! It's just my opinion, but I don't think it's 'too shiney' or 'metallic' to use for fall and winter. I say GO For It! I find this is my new go-to bag! Love it! Thanks for stopping by!


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