Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gap: Nautical Stripes Galore!

**Updated: Gap is offered 25% off your entire order (plus free shipipng if you spend $100) for the Holiday Weekend!  Just use code GAPJULY4 at checkout!  Happy Shopping!**

OMG this post has a lot of stripes!!  Ahh!!  I'm really 'climbing aboard' the nautical stripe trend right now (haha - my attempt at a pun) and Gap has a lot to offer!  I took IRL pics of what I could!

This was in the Gap Body side of the B&M by my house, but I really thought it was in the regular clothing section online.  The fabric is substantial and not see-through .... very nice!  Either way, I plan on wearing this with skinny jeans this fall.  The color is an olive/gray.  I'm wearing an XS here.  The fit is supposed to be a bit flowy I think.

This is definitely more of a lounge/PJ style tank.  I ended up returning it because of that fact.  Otherwise, it's really cute and comes in several colors.  I'm wearing a size Small here.

I really freakin' wanted to love this dress .... and I guess I do, but:  I think that it's going to be too fitted in the bum and hip area  (especially considering it's a flimsy cotton dress).  The last thing I want to have to worry about is underwear lines and see-through-ness when I'm wearing a super-comfy throw-on dress!  I bet the solid colors would be more forgiving.  I had my sis try this on for me and it was a touch snug in HER hips and she is at least a size smaller than me (not prego) so this puppy had to go back.  Bummer!

This is awesome and a definite keeper!  (same fabric and print as the dress above, BTW)  I got a small so it won't be tight after the baby and I think I'll be able to nurse in this top (when unbuttoned) as well!  The brown stripe is also cute... I may get it if they run any full-price promos.

My sister talked me into this.  Not sure if I should keep the XS or S (because I can't really tell right now) but the fit is already drapey and I want to wear it with leggings.  I'm leaning toward keeping the small because I want it to be long enough to cover my butt.  I have to decide between the gray and yellow and the gray and navy.  I'm leaning toward yellow since I already have so many navy striped things!

Thanks for stopping by!  Are you going cross-eyed from all the stripes?  haha!

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  1. I love that sweater you wore today--so cute! I too have jumped on the stripe bandwagon--I picked up the navy Perfect fit boatneck striped tee from J Crew last week...LOVE!!
    You are looking so cute as a pregnant lady--so chic!


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