Thursday, June 24, 2010

Meeting Madewell - J.Crew's Sister

*First off, I updated my post on the J.Crew Cobblestone Bracelet with IRL pics per a readers request... check it out {here}.*

I stopped into a Madewell for the first time while visiting the in-laws in LA last year and wasn't impressed.  However, I'm not sure what I was even looking for and I'm kind of a JC snob, so I might not have given it a chance.  My gut feeling is that my little sister, who is 6 years younger and still in college, would have liked the store better.  Anyway...

I was browsing some other blogs and ran across some pics of Madewell's New Arrivals online and had to check a couple pieces out!   Here is what I ordered...

Love love love the stripes on this.  Not sure how the fit is going to be, but I ordered it in a Small based on size charts (and my normal size)  This also comes in light-colored stripes, as well. Appears this is selling out quickly online.

This is black, also comes in a tan called 'cement'.  Thought I would give this a try since I needed to hit the $100 mark for free shipping.  Got this in a Small, too.   What I REALLY want is a black or charcoal leather jacket that looks like this... but this is more in my budget and baby-friendly right now!  Black is now backordered through August.

My got my "order shipped" email yesterday, so if they're shipping is like J.Crew's, I should be getting this shipment today.  I'll re-post the actual items when I get a chance to try them on!  I've got a baby-doc appointment today and a bachelorette party tonight for a cousin who is getting married on Saturday!  Busy busy busy!

Anyone else ordered from Madewell or shop there regularly?  Seen these to items IRL? Sizing help?  Thanks!

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  1. thank you so much for the IRL pics of the cobblestone bracelet.i ordered a black one because of your recommendation and i am glad i did because now they are sold out in black.
    finally a smaller fitting braclet.


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