Wednesday, June 23, 2010

J.Crew Button Down Shirts + Last 30% Off Sale Day!

I ended up caving and ordering a couple of shirts during the Extra20 promo.  I figured these would be good for the few months after having this baby for nursing.  (aka: Nursing tank underneath + Button-down on top = so easy!)  Plus, these shirts will be forgiving in the yucky post-pregnancy midriff area!

Sconset Plaid Shirt - XS ($19 in stores + 30% off right now)
I hated this at first, then fell in love with it.  Go figure.  The fabric is so cool!  It's a textured cotton material - not flannel, not regular cotton - just cool!  The shirt looks especially great with a coral or denim blue colored tank underneath.

So, it still buttons in an XS at 8.5 months prego, so I'm thinking this puppy runs large.

Giant Gingham Shirt - Size 2 ($49.99 online + 30% off)
I wasn't sure about this shirt when I first saw it, either.  The fabric is a thin, nicer cotton.  I thought it was black and white at first, but the dark color is navy.  This runs more TTS because I cannot button it at all right now.  I ordered it in a size 4 during the current EXTRA30 promo, so I might keep that one instead!

Thanks for stopping by!  I'll keep posting till the end ... which could be anywhere between now and 4.5 weeks from now!


  1. I just posted a picture of the first shirt on my blog too - and like you, I'm on the fence about whether it's a keeper or not.

    Both tops look really good on you - and the color is so flattering on the first top. You'll definitely get to wear them after baby arrives (plaid is on the runways for fall 2010). :)

  2. i like the navy and white giant gingham on you,the other one looks maskuline to me.
    OT can you show a picture of your wrist with the cobblestone bracelet on it. i have a very tiny wrist and was contemplating ordering the black`one.

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies.

    Ina: Pictures coming now!

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