Monday, February 22, 2010

Ann Taylor LOFT Spring Arrivals: The Long and the Shorts of It

LOFT is hit or miss for me.  Sometimes I walk in and it's like... yucky.  Other times, I walk in and love a little bit of everything!  This early spring roll-out has definitely been a hit with me so far!  Here are some of my faves!

Comes in lots of yummy colors and a great mid-weight!  It's freakin' hard to find v-neck cardigans these days ... even at my beloved J.Crew!  This is an XS, my regular size at LOFT.  This is the Bonfire Red color (which is a lot like pink, actually) and I also ordered it in Spring Coral and Navy (which is really dark, FYI.)

Painterly Blooms Scarf - $39.50
(no longer available online)
I just love this scarf.  It's very long and has different coloring than my favorite new J.Crew Watercolor Potpourri scarf in Papaya.  There were still a few in the LOFT store by me a couple days ago, so it would be worth it to check out your local store.

I bought this in my regular size 2 and they were way too big - at least at this point.  I think the zero would have fit OK.  However, these are just way too long for me.  I usually wear the 3" J.Crew chino shorts, but these 5" shorts just look a little too much like, well, mom shorts.  These went back.

This is a pic of the shorts rolled up - I could probably pull this off if I got desperate for shorts later on!

FYI - You cannot return maternity items to the store, which is a bummer... but at least you can return them for free.  I learned this the hard way.

I also ordered this:

I got this in three colors: white, yellow and spring coral.  I forgot to take pictures and it's cold in my house right now, so now IRL pics, sorry!  I would suggest ordering your normal size or a size up in this shirt.  A nice quality, cute neckline v tee in wonderful colors!  Love it!

Question:  Are there any other ladies out there who have hit the jackpot with maternity shorts?  I have a hard time finding ones that aren't super long!  I'd love some suggestions!

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  1. I happened to see some Liz Lange ones at Target that were just the right length - not too short or too long. It was last year, but maybe take a look there?

    Yeah, Loft is very hit-or-miss.


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