Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Banana Republic: Silk Ruffle Front Top in Seafoam

Silk Ruffle Front Top: $69
Available in Ivory and Seafoam
100% Silk; Hand Wash Cold
SOLD OUT online

Seafoam color... I really love this color although I don't think it compliments pale skin (or maybe just MY skintone) perfectly.  Also, there is no zipper.... making it slighty more challenging to put on, but no weird zipper bump on the side.

Not too 'boaty', even in a Small (sans baby in the belly, I would have gotten an XS)

With white Jackie.  I think you could also pair it with a light pink or lavendar for Easter.  Do the ruffles look like a hot mess?  I truely can't decide.

Here's the deal:  I'm not sure if I'm keeping this or not.  In fact, after taking the pics for the blog, I put it back in a bag with the receipt with the intentions of returning it.  But, after doing this post, I'm kind of changing my mind and have a new fondness for it.  A major reason I'm considering keeping it now is because it's hand washable.  That is a difference maker for me.

I am definitely swayed by the color, which I love and don't have any camis or tanks in yet.  Although, do I love this design?  And, will I love it come August and Sept when I'll get the most wear out of it AFTER I have my baby?

Chime in:  Should I keep this?  I got it for about $55 after BR's latest promo.

UPDATE:  Check out this Silk Dahlia Tank at Ann Taylor on sale for $29.  This is a great alternative on the cheap... sizes are going FAST!


  1. Not really a fan of this. It doesn't really do anything for your cute figure...it kind of adds unnecessary bulk to your chest. I'd say take it back, especially if you're not 100% sure! :)

  2. AppGal: I know you are right ... I think I would be happy just finding another top in a similar color. 80% sure this is going back! Thanks!

  3. If you don't LOVE it, take it back! Cause if you don't love it, you probably won't wear it much. That's my rule anyway.

  4. I just ordered this and I believe it was delivered today. Now that I see it IRL, it doesn't look anything like the photo on BR's Website. Bummer. I got it on sale, but I still think I'm returning it.

  5. LSS: I know, right? It's very thin, too IMO.

    I'm glad pretty much everyone is saying to return it... I know better than to keep something I don't LOVE!

  6. The fabric looks really thin. Is it? Or is that just the picture/flash making it look that way?

  7. Angie... it's definitely thin. As in, you can see the waistband of your pants through the shirt (does that make sense?), which really annoys me. I don't think it's the flash!! boo.... I'm still bummed about this shirt not working out... but that's just $50 back in my pocket, I suppose!

  8. I got it last night as predicted and I brought it to work with me to return it tonight. It looked horrible on me.


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