Wednesday, February 24, 2010

J.Crew Spring Roll-Out #2 - Even Better

Just in time for me to buy more items that aren't quite weather appropriate yet!  This JC roll-out seems larger than the last couple ... which was confirmed by the great PS's at my B&M.  Dare I say there were less ruffles this time around?  Maybe I just purchased less ruffles from this roll-out!  I know most shoppers are a little ruffled-out ... and I'm almost there!  Anyway, here were my faves:

Our featherweight cotton is extra luxurious in a superfine yarn (so it's lightweight and incredibly soft). We made this cardigan extra long to make it even more extravagant, then gave it exposed lining for a touch of eye-catching texture. V-neck. Long sleeves. Welt pockets. Hits below hip. Import. Machine wash. #23007

This cardi comes in many yummy colors it was hard to choose!  Being from Louisville, KY (home to the KY Derby) I'm partial to this color called "Mint Julep", so that's what I went with.  I'm quite sure a professional stylist would say this color is not in my "color palette" but I've been obesessed with it lately, so I don't really care!
The weight is perfect for just about any time of the year and I LOVE that this is NOT merino!  The merino cardigans and sweaters always seem to cling in the wrong places and get holes easily.... we'll see how this holds up!  I'll definitely purchase the Naples Yellow and Dark Coral colors if this goes on promo.

I have the cardigan over a Swirling Cotton Perfect Tank in a size Medium in Cobblestone. It was just put online today!   I always size-up on the "perfect fit" items because they are very close fitting and that's not my "favorite fit".  I love the color and the flower detail... it's not as 'much' as the Tissue Garland Tank, which I just couldn't make myself love.

Back view to see the length. Pardon the peek-a-boo tag!

Tight rows of ruffled cotton and tulle create a tuxedo-inspired effect on this dressy tank in our light and airy tissue cotton. Scoopneck. Import. Machine wash. #23336

I really wanted a navy tank to layer with that I could also wear alone and this will be perfect!  I bought a size Small and might have up-sized for belly room but the top in the Medium was huge and I would never be able to fill it out (kind of the same thing with the tier tank).

The necklace is called Colored Pearl-and-Ribbon Necklace online (receipt says "gypsy long with ribbon") and I'm wearing the Bright Coral color.  All the ribbon details were different, I bought one with more yellow coloring in it!  The necklace is $39.50.  Here is a closer-up of the necklace and tank detail:
and a different combo:

On to my surprising favorite!

Vintage Silk Scarf Print Tunic (made that name up) $88 - Retail Only
This was such a surprise when I put it on! My PS really wanted me to try it and I wasn't so sure, but once I put it on, I fell in love.  Notice the cute detail on the sleeve!  It's 100% cotton, there isn't any stretch, so I went with a 4 for more shoulder room, which is 1-2 sizes larger than I normally buy in JC tops.  I recommend sizing up on this one.  This appears to be the same print as the Vintage Print Scarf:

*side note: I've noticed recently that JC's tops haven't been as crazy-huge-like-a-garbage-bag lately... so maybe a 2 or 4 will start being my regular size... anyone else find the sizing a little more TTS lately?  Could just be my prego belly and boobs!

This skirt has an elastic waist, so I knew I had to try it!  The color is called Desert Rose.  The solid colors were fuller and had pockets and totally didn't work .... I'm not sure who they would work for, honestly.  But this pattern was a thicker material, no pockets, and less full!  The length would be a bit shorter than what it looks on me fit I didn't have the skirt pulled down below my belly.   I got my regular size 2 in this.

I personally think this is a much better look, with the tank not tucked in.

The white tier tank in OK with this, but cream looks even better.

Would I dare?  Maybe while it's still cool outside!

That's all for now!  Thanks for reading!


  1. That is an adorable skirt!! love the way you styled it. I am liking the lighter weight cotton long cardigan------may need to look at these!!! thanks for sharing photo's!!

  2. Ok, how pg are you again? Because you look GREAT in everything!! :)

    I adore that tunic too, btw. Did you see the zebra print? I want them both!!

  3. Mrsanketell: Thanks! I, of course, had help from my PS who knows I am not high-maintenance (aka: no belts, etc...) but what colors I like together. She's great! The more I feel and try on the cardigan, the more of them I want! Really really love it! But... how long will the ultra-long cardis be 'in'. I always like a little extra length, but I wonder how "long" the "long" will be in! That might determine how many colors I purchase!

    mommydearest: You are so sweet! The camera can play tricks! Notice, no side shots! :) I'm 17 1/2 weeks right now (and in these pics)

    The pic just doesn't do that tunic justice... but I really love it. My B&M didn't have the zebra one.... I'll have to see that one, too!

    Thanks for stopping by, gals!

  4. Ok, I am jealous. At 17 1/2 weeks I was exclusively in maternity. You look fabulous!

    That tunic is so lovely. Do try the zebra, if you get it in. The v wasn't as low on the zebra (I definitely need something under the paisley one) and it fit SO nice

  5. Glad to see the skirt looks great on someone. I really like it but it looks awful on me and that makes me sad. I like it with the tank un-tucked as well.


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