Thursday, February 4, 2010

J.Crew'let' Finds and Ann Taylor "Favorite Cardigan"

I never get to go to the J.Crew Outlet / Factory stores more than once or twice a year because we don't have any close to my house.  But, when we go out of town I'm always sure to at least browse what's on the shelves.

I guess my facination with the outlets has greatly dwindled over the past few years as I've become more and more obsessed with J.Crew clothing.  Why?  For one, the clothing is mostly made just for the outlet store (this is odd to me).  Two, I find that, for the most part, the quality, fabric, and fit just don't cut it and the prices on these look-alike-pieces just aren't cheap enough for the compromise in all those areas. 

I've seen other bloggers write about finding real JC clothing at the outlets - maybe overstocks or last season items - which is cool, but I've never been so lucky.  I think it helps if you live close and can scout the outlet more often.

Anyway, these purchases are, again, from our trip to NY a couple weeks back.  I did find a few great things that I thought were worth the price.  I can't remember the prices exactly (but everything was under $40 for sure) and I just made up the names of the pieces (you'll be able to tell ;)...

Sanur Dress - Even with my small chest, a medium is a must in this dress to not 'lose it' when I bend over.  I LOVE this color and cannot wait to tote this to the beach this summer!

Marled Gray Thin Sweatershirt - Freakin' love this top!  Doesn't feel like an outlet/factory store item at all.  This is an XS, although a Small would have worked, I liked the way the XS looked better in the arm area.  The top is just long enough to wear with leggings... bonus!

Tortoise Belt and Long Black Perfect Ann Taylor Cardigan - I really didn't need the belt, the I'm loving brown and black together right now.  The cardigan is great.  A nice midweight fabric and super long (great with leggings! yea!) on sale for $49 + extra 25% off sale.

My mom already had it in a Small Petite and I loved it but wanted it a bit longer to wear with tights/leggings. So, I ran to the store and had them find it for me in a regular Small.  I AM a bit peeved with their policy on shipping sale items ... they've gone the way of J.Crew (and others) where you have to pay shipping if they find an item for you that's on sale at another store (only $7.50 - which is WAY better than JC) but at least they WILL DO A SEARCH FOR AN ITEM THAT IS ON SALE (uhh emm - JCREW, are you listening?)   I know this is something that annoys many of you, as well!

On a side note, the nice SA's at my local JC do offer to do searches for me on sale stuff if I would like them to.  I've never had them do it, but I'm pretty sure it involves them personally calling around to other stores ... which would suck.... but I think it's nice of them to offer.  If you call on the red phone or the catalog, however, they will not "Find it For You" as advertised if the item is on sale.   Bummer!!

Question: What is the difference between a J.Crew Outlet and Factory Store?  Is there a difference?  Just wondering if anyone out there knew the answer! 


  1. J Crew is actually a Factory Store. The tag has 3 diamonds stitched just below (I think) the J Crew name. That's how you can tell ... say if you're buying something on ebay. Items in Factory Stores (Old Navy, Banana Republic are FS, not outlets) have clothing made for them. The distinction for BR is also 3 diamonds stitched or screen printed below the BR name in the tag. The clothing are cheaper productions of items made for the store and usually 6 mo - 1 year behind. We've seen that at J'Crewlet where they now have the fresco print in stock from last spring. HTH :-)

  2. Thanks Gigi, I knew you would know! I know it has been discussed a lot over at JCA, but I couldn't remember what the deal was exactly. Thanks!


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