Sunday, February 14, 2010

Garnet Hill: What's the Deal? I'm Intrigued!

I ran across a catalog sitting on the counter at my parent's house last night that I apparently don't get (this must be the only catalog that doesn't get delivered to my home!) from Garnet Hill.  Intrigued, I began flipping through the front section of the catalog, which consisted of women's clothing (the back part is home related items).

Much to my surprise, I find myself wanting to cheat on my long-time boyfriend J. Crew with some of Garnet Hill's new Spring items!  After much deliberation on their website, I've come up with my top picks:

Modern Merino Cardigan in
(sorry for the bad pick, go look on there website!)
Backordered until 6/10

and in

Currently Available

$38 (there are 3 great colors in this .... I want them ALL!)
Backordered until 4/15/10

$44 (or 2/$80)
There are many colors I want in this.  Look closely at the neckline .... gorgeous!

Here's the thing.... well, a couple of things:

1.) The shipping from this place is as bad as good ole J. Crew.  The more you spend, the more it ends up being.  With my shopping cart brimming with 5 items, shipping is a WHOPPING $17!!  Really?  AND, you have to return by mail.   Grrr.... if only companies knew the value in free, cheap, or flat-rate shipping!!

  **In fact, to go on a tangent here: I am WAY more compelled to purchase anything (and more than I really need) from a website that offers free/cheap shipping and FREE return shipping.  This is HUGE!  In my humbled opinion, companies are shooting themselves in the foot by charging outrageous shipping.  When I see it on the final step of checkout, I'm much more likely to forget about the order all together and head to a different website.  It might not be much, but at least there is almost always a Free Shipping code for J.Crew if you spend $150 .... and as a Luxe Banana cardholder, I get free shipping all the time.  {breathe}  Ok, sorry, I'm done.

2.) EVERYTHING cute from the catalog seems to be backordered.  And not just a few weeks.... the first cardigan I pictured is scheduled to be available JUNE 15th!  GEEZZ!  By that time I'll be a8 months preggo and barely able to fit into anything!!   So.... is this even worth the hassle?

3.) There doesn't seem to be a ton of coupons or online promo codes for this site, which is kind of a must for me before I'll pull the trigger on ANYTHING online.  I might even settle for a free shipping code.

4.) I'm not sure of the fit.  As we know, some online catalogs offer what they call a "Small" that is really a size 6/8 and nothing smaller, and the fit is termed "generous".  Well, that doesn't work for me at all.  Garnet Hill has an XS available in most items and lists it as a size 2/4.  This might work.

Why I'm considering an order:

1.) Maybe I should try to think outside of my J.Crew box.  Maybe.  I'm not convinced YET.  It's nice to see some new, fresh colors and patterns ... and maybe I wouldn't see other women on the street wearing the same clothes as me!

2.) I'd like to compare the t-shirt and merino quality to my current loves .... like Ann Taylor, J.Crew, etc... with the direction quality at most retailers has been heading these days (hint: down) I'm interested to see how Garnet Hill's quality is.

3.)  The prints are great and styles are cute .... online and in the catalog, that is.  This makes me curious, very curious to see and touch them in person.

Bottom Line:  I'm an online shopaholic, so this is just another exciting excuse for me to shop... but maybe it's totally worth it.  I'm considering placing a small order to test the waters.  Have any of your ordered from Garnet Hill?  If so, I'd love to hear what you have to say.  Anyone have a great coupon or promo code to use?

If I do place an order, I plan on sharing an in-depth review of the experience and clothing here, so I'll keep you posted!


  1. My understanding is that the clothes tend to run on the big side. They have a nice selection of shoes too. BUT their sheets and bed linens are amazing - great quality and beautiful designs.

  2. I think the clothing is fairly large...the "target" customer is NOT a teenager...probably at least 35. I would not expect anything to be poor quality, but except for end-of-season sales, I would not expect "deals." GH is pretty much list price; when they have e.g., name brand shoes, they are not discounted. They also focus on organic and natural fibers.

  3. Kate and C: Thanks for the info! I noticed the nice shoes, too! I'm keeping an eye on the backorder date.... if it's ever under a month for that cardigan, I'm definitely pulling the trigger!

  4. Hi Lindsey!
    I have ordered from Garnet Hill in the past. I am going to agree that things run large. That being said, I have a pair of sailor-type jeans from GH that I've had for 5, 6 years...still love them!
    The carry different brands too, so the sizing is not consistent. I stopped ordering from them because of the shipping costs, and the duty coming into Canada.
    I also agree their bedding is really nice! I have some quilts from GH that are beautiful!


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