Thursday, February 11, 2010

Colgate 360 Sonic Power Toothbrush: Good Vibrations

So, this is not so much an object of my closet's affection, but I'm pretty impressed just the same.  I'm usually not much of a toothbrush snob.  I had a brush (haha, get it?) with an electronic one when I was in gradeschool, but that didn't last long before we through it away (the damn thing would turn on randomly in the middle of the night and wake everyone up .... possessed!)  So from that point on I've basically gone back and forth between the "newest and greatest" manual toothbrushes (it seems they come out with one every month, which times out perfect!) or whatever came in pink, or a buy-1-get-1 bonus, etc.... you get the picture.

I bought my first battery operated throw-away by accident a few months ago and really kind of liked it.  I didn't love it, mostly because I really like the little rubbery scrubber thing for your tongue on the back of the head like some toothbrushes do.  Anyway.

Most recently I purchased a Colgate 360 Sonic Power toothbrush 1.) I had a $1 coupon - score  and 2.) It came in a 2-pack for a better deal than just one.  Sold.  Colgate boats this toothbrush as "the first power toothbrush with a tongue and cheek cleaner" (I guess that's what the rubbery scrubber thing is actually called!)  You can check out the actual product page by clicking on the link above.

Advisory: I realize this is kind-of lame, but we all brush our teeth (err... hopefully), so I figure someone might actually find this review helpful/ mildly interesting!   I'm not suggesting this would be a stellar Valentine's Day gift or anything of the such, but I do love this toothbrush.  So, I will continue...

Upon using this brush for the first time, I noticed a big difference from the last battery operated/vibrating I had (different brand, can't remember).

1.) the vibrations, or the "sonic" power seemed much fast and stronger than my last one
2.) the bristles are soft and pliable, not hard and rough
3.) it seems easy to reach the very back teeth without too much of a fuss
4.) there is a rubbery handle to hold on to, which makes brushing easier, and
5.) there is a little tongue scrubber thingy on the back of the head of the brush - bonus!

So far, I've had the brush about a week and still loving it.  I cannot compare it to the more expensive non-disposible options (such as Sonicare which I would LOVE to try, but just don't have the funds!) but compared to the other battery operated versions I've tried, this one is the winner!  Happy brushing!

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