Friday, February 12, 2010

New J.Crew Items: Part I (Ruffle Henley, watercolor potpourri scarf, slub v-neck)

Well, my self-imposed shopping ban (aka: I-don't-need-to-buy-anything-right-now-because-I'll-only-be-able-to-fit-in-it-for-a-month-or-two shopping ban) didn't last very long once the new stuff hit the stores the past couple of weeks.  I didn't think it would be a big deal to browse the store considering the last roll-out didn't interest me at all, but boy was I wrong.

I think I get sucked into Spring stuff every year because the colors are fun and it just gives me something to look forward to in my closet!  The last few years I've preferred JC's 'resort' roll out over their following 'spring' roll out (ie: giraffe shorts from last year, etc...) but that's just me. 

The only thing that sucks about trying on Spring/Summer clothing in February is that the shorts and tanks reveal much more of that lack-of-tan, probably-haven't-shaved-in-a-while (at least not paying much attention to accuracy if I do) and maybe-I-need-to-hit-the-gym-a-little-harder body that's been hiding under sweaters and jeans that past few months.

That being said, I steer far away from trying on any bathing suits or short-shorts until I can at least hit the tanning bed a few times.... but since I'm pregnant, that may have to wait until after we go to California for Spring Break.  Bummer.  So it's capri's and jeans for me until then! :)

On to the good stuff:

Tuxedo Ruffle Painter Henley - $39.50

I really loved all the colors in this shirt but the lilac color (hyacinth), which is funny because that's the color I initially purchased... but I have to admit,  lilac really is not my color.  So I ended up going back and getting white because I don't have many cute white tops, but I'll also get the dark pewter color if it makes it to the sale section.  I plan on wearing this with a tank underneath to help with the see-through issue.  I bought a Small which is a bit clingy in the waist area (although, honestly, everything is clingy in my waist area these days!)  This runs TTS.

Vintage Slub V-Neck Tee - $29.50

I freakin' love the fit and colors of this shirt.  I really want the neon rose, wild plum, and breeze.  I purchased a size Small in moroccan spice and feel this shirt runs TTS for a non-fitted tee.  I'm in love with the sexy but not slutty neckline, slim but not clingy fit, and perfect weight fabric.  Can't say enough about this tee.  Love it!

Possible Name: Watercolor Potpourri Scarf in Papaya - $59.00
(I say "possible" because I really have no idea what the name of this it, but here is the tag info as I haven't seen it online:  Style# 23288  Color PAP)

More pics with slub v-neck...

love it with white...

and with lavender tank from last year.
I honestly still cannot believe I spent $60 on a dang scarf, but I'm obsessed with the look and feel of this!  Not only will it compliment so many casual pieces and colors, it also has black in the pattern, so I plan on wearing it as a scarf/ shaw with a little black dress!  LOVE IT!

Ok, that's all I've got for tonight.  Check back soon for reviews of the Vintage Stripe Bateau top and tiered tanks!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing these pics! everything looks great on you. I especially love the moroccan spice shirt with the potpurri scarf. Very pretty. Is that color more red or more orange? I've been interested in the lena isle knit dress in that same color.

  2. AppGal: I would definitely classify the moroccan spice color as orange, not red. The color could really be called 'burnt orange' IMO.

    I'm not sure I'll actually wear the scarf and tee together, but the colors surprisingly did work well together!


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