Wednesday, February 24, 2010

No-Waistband = No-Muffin-Top?

I just ran into a couple products online and wanted to mention it here. 

A few months ago I posted about my hatred of the gross, muffin-top, super-obvious pantyhose (or tights) waistband line that can be seen underneath sweater dresses, etc... making it difficult to for me to rock the tights/dress look very often!  If you visit this blog often, you know how sensitive I am to clothing being clingy in the torso area, so this is something I struggle with a lot!


Delivers all-over smoothing from waist to toe...helps eliminate panty lines, too.

Tummy-toning zone built in for extra slimming.

Waistband-free design gives you ultimate comfort.

Energizing support gives your legs a lift all you'll love the silky sheerness.

Clothing Compatible fabric helps your clothes glide on easily


Sleek panty conforms to your curves for flawless fit and feel. Best of all, there's no waistband to bind or chafe. You get slimming control--and you hardly even know it's there.

Famous Sheer Energy stretch knit gives you an all-day massage. Silky-soft blend micro-tones legs for gentle, refreshing support.

Sheer toe is perfect with sandals and open-toe shoes.

Same L'eggs Sheer Energy pantyhose as retail style 60103.

Anyone tried either of these?  I wonder if they would truely be any different than other tights/ hose I have tried.  I'm also considering investing in some maternity tights .... surely those wouldn't be tight and binding in the waist!

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  1. I would love to know the answer to this as well. I HATE pantyhose for the same reason. It doesn't seem like rocket science to create a pair that doesn't go up to your boobs and dig into you making even the skinniest person have hangover.


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