Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ann Taylor LOFT Oversized Zebra Jacket Review

I had been wanting to find this in an XS to try on since it came out a few weeks ago, so when LOFT was having 40% off last weekend, I ordered this jacket to try.  It's now sold out online, but I'm sure it will pop-back eventually or you can find it in a store.

This is an XS.  It's hard to get an idea of the length with my huge belly.  I also have it on with a dress here, which is why it looks like I don't have any legs!  I had my mom try it on for me and it even looked ridiculously short on her... and she's only 5'1" and doesn't have a long torso like me, so...

The back.  There is a pleat, but it really just serves to make the jacket fit even bigger and billowy.  I think "oversized" was supposed to be referring to the print, but I think it also refers to the fit of the jacket!

Bottom Line: CUTE idea!  But this jacket only works in theory... at least for me.  The print, quality, fabric, and price are great (it's 50% right now online) but the fit and cut is just weird.  The XS is still huge (and I'm 38 weeks prego here!) and the cropped length is going to be super-tough to pull off.  This is a return for me.  I'd LOVE to see pics or reviews of others who can make this work!  I'm bummed, I really wanted to love it!!


  1. I haven't seen this jacket at all. I have no suggestions. I guess it's supposed to be oversized, but if it fits now, *that's* not encouraging.

  2. Gigi: I couldn't find this on any fashion blog or anything. I really would like to see it 'working' on someone, but it's huge and short... not a look most people go for!

  3. Congratulations on your pregnancy (and possibly delivery by now?) ... I'm wondering if, given that you weren't happy with the fit, would you be willing to part with yours?


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