Tuesday, July 20, 2010

OOTD: Gap and J.Crew + Giveaway Link

**First off, click HERE to enter a fellow blogger's contest / giveaway for a Zumba workout DVD!  Waa hoo!!**

Today's outfit: I finally got to wear my new stripe-cuffed Gap tee!  It's so super-soft!  I was waiting for a day under 90 degrees because I really wanted to pair it with my dark denim leggings!

Shirt: Gap Cuffed Tee (size Small)
Jeans: LOFT by Japanese Weekend (size Small)
Necklace: J.Crew Fireball Necklace

I love this tee and cannot believe how inexpensive it now in online and in stores!  I would normally buy an XS, but I wanted to be able to wear this both pregnant and then afterward with leggings for a more slouchy fit!  This is such a great shirt and many wonderful colors!  Be sure to check it out at Gap.com!

Baby Update:  Still no baby, but getting more and more uncomfortable, especially at night!   We are definitely on a stand-by, any-day-now status at this point.  Induction is scheduled for next Monday if I don't go before then!  Expect a slow-down in posts for a while after that!  You can also visit my other blog (mommy2connor.blogspot.com) for more baby related info! 
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