Friday, July 2, 2010

Misc J.Crew Sale Items - IRL Pics

A little peek at the items I picked up at my B&M last week during the 30% off sale promo...many are still available online or in stores!

Can't even get this over my hips right now, but 30% off $59 was too yummy to leave behind.  LOVE this skirt and the length will be much better than some of last years pencil skirts.

This is a really cute fit (even prego).  I'm wearing an XS here and could still wear this out.... so it's probably a good thing it came in an XXS!  This color was on sale, but there is a nice blue and black still online for $59.  For some reason, I like this

I LOVE the Orchid Shadow color.  Wearing the XS here ... way too small to wear right now.  I don't mind that this dress is a little shorter than others ... I'm kind of over the Amish-length summer dresses JC has offered recently.

Cotton Check Shirt
This is a size 2.  Love the softness of this shirt.   This was 30% off $39 I believe.

Spring Buffalo Check Scarf
Just couldn't resist this!

White Popover
Can't wait to throw this on over leggings later this summer and fall.  I can't get it over my tummy right now.... hence the upper-body shot here.  This was 30% off $19.

Torque Moto Cardigan
Yeah, this is like the third time I bought this.  The last time was an XS, but I'm back to the Small based on the arm tightness.  I figured I wouldn't even be able to get the XS over my arms after I washed it, so a Small it is!  I originally bought this at full-price, but 30% off $49 was much nicer!

sort-of closed....

The length on the Small was a little better than the XS... which is good for us long-waisted gals!

On a Similar Note: I seriously cannot believe that J. Crew has gone back to final sale online and in-store (when there is extra % off).  Boo :(  That will definitely make my current shopping ban a lot easier ... I won't even allow myself to look at the Final Sale section right now!  And, I'm trying to avoid reading any blog entries and comments about any great deals!  Let's see how long that lasts!


  1. You found some great deals!!! Love the Torque Moto Sweater especially...that is adorable! I am also not a fan of the whole FINAL SALE thing they pull out...just don't understand the point!!

  2. The 'final sale' issue has saved me time and money already! I don't sift online through the sale section of every morning and that has saved me some money... plus it helps with my shopping ban... no more clothes until after this baby is born!!!! (and I'm hoping I won't feel like buying any for a long period after, either!)


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