Thursday, July 22, 2010

Crewcuts: Giant Gingham Shirt Review

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If there's one thing worse than a "final sale" online, it's a "final sale" on clothing for kids, because there is just no way to know about the fit! 

However, during the last % off promo at, I did pick up a few things for DS.

My faves?

Sconset-plaid shirt - on sale for $34.99
I didn't end up getting this one for DS for 2 reasons:  I have it in the women's version, and the price is still too much for a 2-year-old IMO.  We'll wait for more sale!

Long-sleeve Amagansett slub tee - on sale for $14.99
This feels amazing!  I wish I had one!

Anchor slub tee - on sale for $19.99
This is so cute and has a little design on the back of skeletons, too! Can't believe this is still available in so many sizes, this shirt is perfect for summer time at the beach, river, lake, etc...!

Stripe Hoodie - on sale for $34.99
I really wanted to get him this, but it WAS  sold out in his size during the promo... it's back in stock now.  I saw it when it first came out at FP - guess I should have bought it then.... but that would be crazy at$50 - right!?  I'm gonna go ahead and order it now since it's free shipping on Crewcuts.

There were a few other tees I picked up for under $15.  I usually size up on the tees and size down or go TTS on button-down shirts and bottoms.  I think you can get away with the tees being a bit big and hopefully getting a few seasons out of them.... plus I do think they run a bit slim. 

My absolute favorite CC piece we've purchased this year has got to be the first shirt.  LOVING gingham for both myself and DS for the fall.  I just HAD to take a picture of him looking so cute in his outfit!!  We were supposed to wait for school to start for these items, but seriously, I have no self control!

Shirt: J.Crew Crewcuts; size 2
Shorts: J.Crew Crewcuts in navy; size 2 ('09)
Shoes: See Kai Run; size 7 ('09)

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  1. I could spend a fortune at Crewcuts...just so cute! He looks adorable in tthe gingham shirt and I love those little shoes he has on!!

  2. omg look at him. He's so cute. I love your Crewcuts picks.

  3. Jenni: I know! Before he could wear the Crewcuts sizing, it was just me going crazy on stuff for me! Now it's for the both of us! I need to cut-up that JC credit card!!

    Gigi and Stylestance: Thanks! He got a huge kick out of me taking his picture for the blog... he likes to look at himself on the camera!


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