Friday, July 16, 2010

New Liz Lange for Target Dresses - Plus 2 OOTD!

I don't really need to by buying any more maternity things at this point, but I saw this at Target last week and HAD to have it!  Mostly because the cut on the top and back is so cute and for a maternity dress!  Perfect for this hot summer!

Love the colors, shape, everything!  This is an XS .... it's still a bit big on top, but I first tried the Small and it was HUGE on me... even at 9.5 months pregnant!  So it runs big!

Back is so cute and summery!  What's hard to see are the wooden beaded accents on the straps!  It's the same kind of cute touch that is found on much more expensive maternity dresses .... like a $118+ one I have from Maternal America.  So yeah, this dress is cute!

With Gap knit cropped cardigan in off-white

With J.Crew short sleeve cardigan, Banana Republic necklace.

Other great Liz Lange dresses right now...

Maxi Sleeveless Iconic Dress in Orange/Purple - $34.99

Extended Shoulder Knit Dress in Purple/Cream - $24.99

You can't beat these dresses for the price!  The look is right-on-trend and they will be prefect to get you through the end of summer and into Fall under a cardigan!

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  1. I am just over 16 weeks pregnant and I absolutely LOVE your blog! This is my first pregnancy and I am pretty clueless about what to wear, so I have loved seeing your perspective.

    I love the look of this dress, now I want it! But I see its only XL and XXL online...did your store have a lot of them?

  2. LizPoms: Thanks for stopping by and CONGRATS!!! You've probably got about a month or two until you will completely have to wear maternity only (of course, every body is different, so who knows!! A friend of mine wore her regular jeans, just unbuttoned, until like 8 mos prego... WHAT?!?)

    Loving this dress! I made my DH take me to 3 different Targets in order to find in an XS! If you go to a good Target cutomer service desk when they aren't busy, they should have no problem trying to find this dress for you at a different store. Bring as much info (numbers and such) about the dress from online as you can so they can look it up!

    Good luck with the pregnancy and finding the dress!!!!

  3. that is such a cute dress, but why a maternity dress that doesnt allow for a really good bra?

  4. isabella: Good point, I didn't think about that. Fortunately (or UNfortunately depending on how you look at it!) I fill out to a whopping B-Cup when pregnant, so sporting a strapless bra is no issue. I wonder if I could wear a tank underneath to make it regular bra friendly? I might try that.... will update if it looks cute! You are right, that would limit this dress for many women!


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