Wednesday, July 7, 2010

J.Crew Review: Perfect-Fit Stripe Boatneck Tee

$39.50  Item# 27743Our perfect-fit tee in our favorite, most superbly slimming stripe of the season. Crafted in very soft cotton with extra-fine ribs. (We ooh la love it.) Three-quarter sleeves. Import. Machine wash.   Available in Navy and White.

This is the Navy in a Size Small

I absolutely love this shirt.  Usually I steer away from the Perfect-Fit tees because I think they are super clingy and not flattering on a less-than-perfect waistline.  However, the fabric on this is pretty substantial and the stripes are SO cute that I'm willing to at least keep this one until I have the baby and see how I like it without the bulging baby-bump.

I'm kind of striped-out at this point and I can't wait to rock the nautical look through the Fall and again next Spring! I miss wearing normal clothing!! Not too much longer to go!!

Bottom Line:  TTS to a little large compared to other Perfect-Fit tees (from what I can tell ;).  This is a GREAT shirt ... probably a 3-season or year-around tee for most climates.  Grab it while you can!  I rarely pay full price for anything, but this shirt is worth it if you can find your size!


  1. I love this top, I got it in both colorways because I just couldn't pick!

  2. I really like this top. JCrew sizing is too big for me though
    I am giving away a BEAUTIFUL NECKLACE at

  3. Debye: I know what you mean! I had to get the striped Always Cardigan in both color combos!


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