Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Padded Hangers - A Cardigan's Best Friend

It probably means you have WAY too many sweaters and cardigans when they sit in the same place on a hanger long enough for the shoulders to actually start molding to the hanger. 

Now, before you start thinking I'm a complete wardrobe dunce, I do use the thicker plastic hangers (without the 'strap holder grooves' on the top) for ALL my cardigans, sweaters (if they're not folded) and more delicate items.  And then I love the plastic hangers WITH the notches on the top for all my tanks, camis, etc...

However, even the best plastic hanger (or wooden for that matter) can and will leave it's mark on your clothing, especially if it's not worn often or heavy.

I set out to find a great deal on padded hangers.  I hit up my usual suspects.... Target, TJMaxx, Bed Bath and Beyond, etc... but they either didn't have any or they were too expensive to make sense.  Let's face it, I don't need super-high-quality, just decent quality but in high quantity.

I have a bit of closet OCD, so if I'm gonna switch all my cardigans and sweaters (and delicate tops) to padded satin hangers, they ALL have to be switched over... otherwise I will go nuts every time I walk into my closet.

So where to turn?  Good 'ole Walmart is usually game for providing a product that no one else has at an exceptional low price.  (I have lots of examples, but I won't boar you... mostly including housewares, paper goods, etc...)  Now I didn't truck my waddling butt to the local Walmart, and thank goodness.  Their padded hangers on online only...

This is the best deal I could find - and when I got them on my doorstep, I was not disappointed in the least!  What a fabulous deal!! 

So far I've gotten 60 of these hangers and put them all to use.  I love that I can just order more on a whim at any time because the shipping charge is only $2 (or free if they ship it to your store!).  The quality feels the same as any other padded hanger I've run across and they work perfectly for my needs!

Bottom Line: If your cardi collection is screaming for some relief, check these out ASAP!  They are wonderful and easy on the pocketbook!


  1. Good price on the hangers..."no more wire hangers!"...that will take care of the shoulder/sleeve bumps...

  2. Donna: I think they are a really great deal! Go for it! NO WIRE HANGERS!!! I don't even let DH hang any of his clothes on wire hangers! They had to go when we got married!

  3. I can't fit padded hangers in my tiny closet, they take up too much room. Have you tried the "flocked" hangers from target? Super thin with velvet flocking that grips the item, and since it isn't hanging so heavy from gravity you don't see those shoulder bumps as quickly.

  4. These are white, there is a nice taupe color in the stores, but it gives you the idea. Apparently there is an infomercial for them out there somewhere, eeeeek!


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