Monday, July 12, 2010

OOTD: LOFT and Splendid **Updated with ring pic :(

First off, I made the horrid discovery this afternoon that I have lost the center diamond and setting to my engagement ring!  Yes, the entire center of my ring fell off!! (I'll post a pic later tonight .... it's just disgusting!)  Of course, I discover this after running about 10 different errands today.... and cleaning the whirlpool tub in our master bath (LOVE the nesting energy of late!) soooo.... I have NO idea where it could be.  The only thing keeping my from completely melting down is that it is insured, but I'm still devastated and really hoping it turns up here soon!  Seriously, I've only had it for four years.... I'm still emotionally attached (and fragile right now!)  What's worse, I haven't even started swelling like I did with Connor, so my ring actually still fit... but I now I can't wear it!!  At least I didn't solder the ring and band together on so I can still wear wear my wedding band!

Are you kidding me???

As we approach D-Day, I'm pretty limited in what I'm able to wear ... so I apologize for the boring posts for the next couple of weeks!!

Dress: Splendid (Small)
Cami: LOFT Maternity (Small)
Bracelet: J.Crew {see review here}
Necklace: The Limited

This has got to be the MOST comfortable dress I've ever owned.... and it even looks great when I'm not prego!  Splendid pieces are pricey, but I'm happy with everything from Splendid I've ever purchased... and it's soooo soft!  Love it for my little guy, too!


  1. very cute! SO sorry to hear about your ring! I hope you find it! : (

  2. Oh no, that's terrible about your ring. Sending you positive vibes to find it. On a happier note, you look fab as you near your D day.

  3. Awww....that is really sad. I thought I lost my whole ring a couple times and I was freaked the heck out. Hope it turns up.


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