Tuesday, July 13, 2010

J.Crew: Roses Vine Blazer Review

So I'm a little late on the bandwagon with this blazer, but I figure it's still worth it since it still keeps popping back online in the sale section.

I was thinking this would be super-cute for Spring (too hot here in the summer to make this appropriate!) and love the way other JCA's have fashioned it online.

Here's what I liked:
- nice weight for summer ( mostly unlined)
- lots of colors in the print, which makes it easy to pair with tanks and camis
- gathering at the waist in the back, creating a cinched waist

I'm wearing a size 2 here .... clearly not buttoned!!

Here's what I didn't like:
- the sleeve lining kept peeking out at the arm holes at the wrists - annoying
- no back slit / vent
- the collar kept acting funny or not laying correctly... it was just bugging me
- no cute lining for when you want to roll the sleeves up

Back - nice gathered waist and good length.

Bottom Line: This is a cute jacket for someone who thinks they can wear it in the Spring and Summer.  The print is definitely not for the fall or winter based on the print (IMO).  The fit is TTS from what I can tell.  It just didn't feel or look like a $100+ jacket... but for the sale price of $59 (minus any current 20% or 30% off promo) it might be worth a try.  It was a return for me.


  1. I added your link to my post on this blazer. I agree w/all your points. Also that it's good on super sale, but kind of meh. I think you have to dress it up a bit. It's not something to throw on to complete an outfit, but something to work with.

  2. I had issues with the shoulder part getting wrinkles...it just bugged me. I realize everyone is getting them, including the J. Crew models, so I kind of have gotten over it, but I still want to carry a portable iron with me. LOL.

    I think all of the issues it has are because it is so lightweight...many of my cotton blouses do the same thing, but since they are blouses, I guess I can deal with it better.

    I kept mine as I found the coloring to be very flattering with my complexion, but I was *this* close to returning.

    When I photographed myself wearing it, you couldn't even tell it was wrinkly, so I think I may be a bit OCD over it. ;)

    It looks fab on you and I love the cute little belly with it!

  3. Gigi: Thanks for adding the link to your amazing blog! I think I swing by your blog more often than "The Mothership!"

    dina: I hear ya on the jacket and it's little issues... but cuteness! To be honest, if my credit card statement wasn't a hot mess right now, I would have kept it! But, I really can't keep anything quesitonable right now! :(


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