Monday, July 13, 2009

Danielle Flat Sandal (J. Crew) Look-Alike

J. Crew's Danielle Sandal in Tawny Brown

This is another super find from TJ. I find they look similar to JC's Danielle sandal, just on a smaller scale, which I actually like better. I really like the 'O' Ring details on the Danielle sandal, so that's what drew me to this look-alike. The Danielle Sandal is sold out in my size online and I couldn't find anywhere in stores around me! Sooo, for $16, I think these are a cute alternative ... especially since I might not even like this style next year!

Brand: Soda

Material: Man-Made

Price: $16.99


  1. super cute sandals!! where did you find these?
    love your blog, first time reading, love it!!

  2. Yes, could you please share the style info?? These are super cute!

  3. I got these at TJ Maxx at the same time I found the actual JC shoes there! They aren't real leather or anything, but I love the nude color and the "O" ring detail. They were only $16.99!! Happy huinting! Thanks for reading!


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