Monday, July 6, 2009

Ombre Beach Hat - J. Crew

To keep or not to keep... that is the question! I need a beach hat for our upcoming trip to Huntington Beach for two weeks! I'm not a big fan of covering up in the sun (I know I know .... spare me the lecture regarding skin cancer pa-lease!), but a hat is a must when you are going to be in the sun and on the beach that much! (I'm not ready to stop being carded at bars yet... must protect the face!)
Anyway .... I snagged this puppy at my B&M for $12, but it looks kind of droopy to me... so I'm thinking of returning it and looking for something else... probably at Target!
What do you think? Keep? Return? Where do I get a cute, functional hat that travels well for under $30??? Help! Thanks!


  1. I don't know, it has a little bit of a "strawman effect" ...
    I have the other one, the classic straw hat (# 63325) which is much better IMO (but still huge) but I didn't pay the $49 of the website, I paid $8 at the sample sale ...
    I think that if you start to look around, you'll find better options.

  2. I'd keep it until you find something you like more. I think it's cute and that the droop is totally beachable - casual and classy. Excellent coverage too...


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