Thursday, July 9, 2009

Resin-Links Bracelet - J. Crew {WTF?}

A nautical favorite gets a modern update. Hand-assembled 14K gold-plated brass with interlocking resin links. Toggle bar closure. Import. Length: 9 1/8". Color: Mineral Grey
was $38.00 select colors $19.99 item 17698

You know how sometimes there is an item online that goes way down in price very quickly and you think "SWEET! What a deal!" Until your boyfriend (UPS man-in-brown) brings your lovely box to the front door... you cut the tape, pull back the box flaps and reach in hoping to pull out the amazing item you've been waiting on for 4-7 days...

and THIS is what you find...

Seriously.... what is this thing?

I had actually been stalking this item for quite a while on JC's website because it looked like a generic colored, go-with-anything type of bracelet. When the price dropped to $19.99, I pulled the trigger. Whoa was I surprised when I popped the lid off the jewelry box and this puppy reared it's ugly head!

Size comparison to the Gold Chain Bracelet (JC)

I LOVE my gold chain link bracelet, so I was really hoping for something more the size of that ... but as you can see, there is a big size difference! AND, there isn't even the cute JC signature clasp. The quality of the resin isn't very nice (does resin even have a quality scale? anyway...) as it seems cloudy and already scratched up. PA-LEASE!

**Bottom Line: Blah. Not even for $19.99. The good news: my receipt isn't marked "final sale" next to this item, so I lucked out .... it's going back!


  1. That bracelet is yucky! I thought about ordering it; so glad that I didn't!

  2. Gosh it looks like it was made out if leftover plumbers materials!
    Thanks for sharing this with us so we can avoid it.

  3. Oogly. No good. What a disappointment.

  4. Oh my. I too have had this in my bag and almost bought it the other day. Wow-- the scale is so totally off! It's not at all what I expected it to look like IRL!

  5. LOL (at that bracelet)!!! so many times i see cute jcrew jewelry online only to see it IRL and it's waaaay bigger than what it should be. same thing with some BR jewelry. they really should show this stuff on the body *on the product page* so you can see the scale of it b-4 buying online - would probably save a lot in returns. :)

    on a lighter note, great blog! :)

  6. The funny thing is, when I went to the store to return it, they acted surprised I didn't like it and like one of the PS girls might buy it... Maybe there is a certain quality to it that I don't 'get', but I got my 20 bucks back and ran with it! ;)

  7. Ewww, that's awful looking! So glad you were able to return it!! And thanks for the info - it always looked cute online.


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