Monday, July 20, 2009

Tissue Sparkling Rose Tee - J. Crew

Make getting dressed a bed of roses with this pretty tee. Made in lightweight, bias-cut cotton with a very soft wash, it features a printed flower graphic with sequin beading for a special touch. Open crewneck. Short sleeves. Each color has a slightly different flower layout. Import. Machine wash. $42.50 item 18079 Colors: Light Pewter, Champagne

I'm just doing a quick review of this tee, mostly to share some IRL pics with you guys!

The tee is THIN! Check out the bra and white shorts in the pics ... eew. The "sparkley" aspect of the shirt is cute, but I'm just not sure about how this sucker would hold up. I do like that the fabric is not very clingy, which is a plus. I could pop a cami under the shirt and it would solve the thiness problem.

My first reaction to the colors was: meh. Maybe it's because they are moving more toward fall colors and I'm just not ready yet. I didn't even take pics of it paired with cardis or anything because it might have made me like it more and not want to return it. As of right now, this is going back because I don't LOVE it... not for the price. Plus, I know there will be other tees I love later this season. (there always is!! ;)

Bottom Line: I bought the Champage tee in a size small. But, if it ever goes on sale for $19.99 or less, I'd get the same size and color again. Runs TTS.


  1. Well, I haven't seen it IRL, but the sequins just don't seem very J Crew to me. Although it does fit you nicely. Like you said--maybe if it goes on sale!! :)

  2. I actually really like it on you! But I get it...sometimes items are just more awesome on sale! :) Glad to see it in real life...thank you!

  3. I think I was really expecting to be knocked off my feet by this tee, and I just wasn't! I can't wait to see what everone else thinks about it! If I NEEDED a tee, then I'd keep it. Otherwise ....

  4. Thank you for posting the pics, the sequins son't show well on the website and I haven't seen it in store. This tee looks like something that I have already seen/owned and I agree with you: I think that there will be much nicer tees in the fall. I wouldn't buy this one, even on sale

  5. didn't love it in person, bought the "headache tee" and love that even more!!!!!


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