Wednesday, July 29, 2009

J. Crew Oxford Tunic: Outfit Help!

Ok, so I ordered this tunic after seeing an excellent review on Gigi's Blog. However, after receiving it, I'm kind of running into an issue of actually completing an outfit using it! Please help! I'd love some suggestions! After much rummaging through my closet, I came up with the following outfit ...

Top: Oxford Tunic, J.Crew, XS, shell
Bottoms: Paige Premium, straight leg, white
Belt: J. Crew skinny silver leather belt

I then proceeded to take this entire outfit off and put on something different because I just didn't feel like it looked great. HELP!
Any suggestions on what to pair this tunic with? Do you have it or something like it? How to you wear it? I'd love to hear it!


  1. I have it but for me is the perfect cover-up, it's the perfect weight for the beach/pool (amazingly soft); otherwise it looks nice with skinny jeans and opened all the way down (or at least below the chest) with a tank. In any case I wouldn't belt it. Also, it looks like the XS is a little bit small for you, maybe that's way you have problems to style it. Was it FS?

  2. I think the fit is fine. I think you're ok w/XS. you just need to unbutton it and wear it more open. You may not need a tank underneath, depending on how far you button it. Try a med brown belt with it, preferably wider & leather. The pink, silver & white seems a bit light. I agree w/Ema about trying jeans as well. Also, you just might need any wider, lower slung belt. Something about the belt placement seems off. You just have to work w/it a bit and you'll werk it out ;-)

  3. Thanks for the tips, ladies!

    I definitely will be unbuttoning a couple of those buttons at the top. I didn't notice it before, but looking at that the pictures, it's obvious that will definitely help the look!

    Also, I have 2 really cute Martin + Osa belts in brown that I'm going to try with this.

    I'm going to re-contruct the outfit and see if I can do better this time! Luckily, I brought the tunic, belts and skinny jeans with me on vaca, so I'll be trying it out in my spare time, taking pics, and re-posting in the next couple of days!


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