Friday, July 17, 2009

Nordstom Anniversary Sale: My Faves

Let me start by bitching about how we do not have a Nordy's anywhere near my house. Indianapolis is the closest one, I believe, but the merch at that store apparently doesn't even compare to the stores we frequent in New York and Los Angeles when we're visiting family. Needless to say, it would probably not be worth my time to haul ass up to the Nordy's in Indy when I could just shop online. I'm sure the online selection is limited compared to what is available in stores, but at this point, it must suffice!

There is nothing I really NEED, and I found that there wasn't much of specific brands I was seeking out in the sale (aka: The North Face short rain jacket, Paige Premium Denim, Michael by Michael Kors handbags) However, these are a few of the items that I am lusting after and will most likely pull the trigger on at some point in the next day or two! The best part is, you get free shipping automatically (NO CODE!! uhh emm .... J. Crew.... ummm??) and my sister and I leave for LA in about 10 days, so anything I order I'll be able to return to the store for free instead of paying for return shipping!

(on a side note, I've decided to take 2 suitcases on our upcoming trip to Cali and have my wallet be royally screwed by the airlines because it just stresses me out too much to pack ONE suitcase for Connor and I for a 2 week trip!!! Impossible!!! It will cost me an extra $50 -- well worth it IMO! So, I should have a bit of extra room in my checked baggage, if needed! :)

Moving on...

Juicy Couture Velour Pocket Pants in Carbooter (blue):
Regular: $120 Sale: $49.90

Juicy Couture Velour Zip Hoodie in Carbooter (blue):
Regular: $98 Sale: $49.99

Ugg Australia Class 'Cardy' Knit Boots in Grey:
Regular: $139.95 Sale: $99.90

New Balance '993' Sneaker in Grey (for Connor):
Regular: $39.95 Sale: $25.90

I will, of course, continue to look through the sale online and probably pick more stuff out, but for now, I think these are the things I'll for-sure get! Weeeee!


  1. little kids shoes really are the cutest, aren't they??

  2. Honestly Heidi, I think Connor has more shoes than I do!! And he hardly has to walk anywhere because we're always carrying him!! haha!

    I went ahead and purchased these things... the Juicy and Ugg items all but never go on sale! I also picked up some workout gear! I smell lots more clothing reviews next week!

  3. That is an AMAZING deal for the Juicy & the Uggs. Clothing reviews - yay!

  4. Get pumped, sister, because we're getting a Nordstroms in Cinci! It opens in Sept :D


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