Sunday, July 12, 2009

J. Crew Spotted at T.J. Maxx ... Again!

This is just a quick update on my trip to TJ last night.... to my surprise, there was one lonley little pair of J. Crew shoes (in my size .... woot!) sitting on the shoe rack!?! I searched and searched for other pairs in any size, but found nothing else. Interestingly, the price on them was $39.99, instead of the $19.99 they were selling at a few months ago. That higher price point certainly makes more sense considering the original retail price of JC shoes, although I'm still not convinced for the comfort (or lack there of) and quality that they are worth much more than $40 to begin with.

I'm not sure if these were just lost in a box the warehouse from the first big influx of JC shoes a few months ago, or maybe TJ is getting more shipments of JC stuff in (fingers crossed for the latter!) but I was pretty pumped to snag them! I thought I remembered reading an article about how JC wasn't going to sell any more of their merch to discount retailers ... so who knows.

Keep your eye out and please let us know if you see any JC at discount retailers like TJ in your area! I also found a couple other cute JC-look-alike shoes last night, so watch for those reviews to come soon!
**Update: I've checked other stores and haven't found any more JC shoes. Have you?**


  1. I'm in Kentucky. I sent my DH on a mission to a different TJ this afternoon while he was running errands to see if they had any... I'll report back once he gets home!

    It was very odd that they just had one pair in the entire store ... in a 7, too (which is usually hard to find at the discount stores!) It makes me really hope that they didn't get a huge shipment last week or something and I totally missed out! I'm still on the prowl for the Penelope Peep Toes in Canyon ...

  2. Lucky you for finding those shoes!
    The only JC that I have ever seen at TJMaxx is a pair of the pink espadrilles. :(


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