Monday, July 6, 2009

Silk Elizabeth Halter in Flame - J. Crew

So, I realize this is NOT a new item, but I really wanted to post some pics of the top under the navy waterfall cardigan and BR blazer. I wore this outfit out last night for dinner and drinks with the fam! I have it paired with J. Crew chinos in sea salt (I can't remember the exact name of these ... maybe luxe or something ... but they are SUPER soft and a great wider waist band! Love these!) and gold leather skinny belt from last fall. I really loved the outfit paired with my Penelope pumps in navy, blue, and platinum gold, but the heels were too high for an outdoor event, so I wore my strappy gold leather sandals (from Target - Merona Collection- LOVE these, too!!) with kitten keels.

As per J.Crew's recent size crisis, the bodice of this top is HUGE, even in the extra small. So, I kind of pulled the extra material to the front and tucked it in. It worked out nicer than tucking the entire thing in (which always makes me feel so masculine!) and it made the back and sides appear a bit more tailored!

I was once again reminded of why I do not buy anything silk anymore! As soon as we got in the car, I reached in the diaper bag to get out Connor's sippy and the lid had some moisture on it... of course it got on my top and I had a huge blotchy spot down the front of me all night! I already removed the spot with Dryel... but still. My white pants were also victimized by Connor's grimy hands all night long! Oh well! That's why I took pictures before even opening my bedroom door! hehe ;)

With Navy Cotton-Cashmere Waterfall Cardigan and Gold Chain Links bracelet

With Navy BR blazer ... I didn't wear this out.... just wanted to see what it looked like!

Do you own the Elizabeth Halter? How do you wear it? What do you pair it with?

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