Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My New True Religion Maternity Jeans

What a wonderful thanks-for-having-my-second-grandchild gift from my mother-in-law!  I don't even have regular True Religion jeans, but I am thrilled to have this maternity version!  Clearly, these pics were taken a few weeks ago when I was about 15 weeks.

Cute front pockets at the hip.

Lots of sewn detail on the front...

And, of course on the back... plus their signature button-down flap pockets.

On top, I'm wearing my new Liz Lange for Target ruched side, v-neck long sleeve tee in sea foam green that I purchased a few weeks ago for about $7.50!  I'm super excited about it since I'm obesessed with this color right now!

This is actually a better pic of the back pockets!

I bought my normal size 28 in these.... sometimes I can wear a 27, it just depends.  As usual (even with my regualr jeans) I probably could have gone down a size, but pregnancy is not the time to try squeezing into things for fashion's sake.  I don't have any pics of the rest of the leg (doh!) but I think these pics I do have capture the detail and look of the jeans.  The leg is slim/straight and the "rise" is low, though there is a long and stretchy comfy waistband that should last me at least through 7-8 months.

It's a little difficult to find cute designer maternity jeans, even online.  But, the best websites I've found so far are:

http://www.apeainthepod.com/ (where this pair was purchased)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Today I learned that when I finally decide to have babies, my fashionable choices wont fade away during pregnancy. It's a whole new world, but good to know that style isn't been removed from pregnancy attire. They look great on you!


  2. Beautiful jeans!


  3. Hannah: Those are cute!! And sold out in a lot of sizes!

    I don't think I've done a post on them yet, but these jeans look like my fave maternity jeans right now .... ankle skinnies from Momzee ... I'll have to do a post on them!!

    I like tbe website you linked to! Thanks!

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