Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hit Me With Some Hot-Mama Clothes: Gap, Old Navy, and Target (and... swimsuit.... gasp!) + Talbots Pink Trench

A short review of my latest finds for fashionable-attempting moms-2-be from 3 of my fave places to shop maternity!  All items are an XS unless otherwise noted.

Old Navy


I'm poking it out here for effect!

This coat really is much too big for me now, but I think I'll get a lot of use out of it during this late winter and spring.  I'm still confused as to why it's so difficult to find maternity clothing in smaller sizes .... but generally the more expensive or "designer" the brand, the smaller you can find the clothing.


Liz Lange for Target Tops - Black and Drak Coral
I'm not sure why it looks like my bra is showing thru so bad in the coral one ... it's really not that thin!
I got these on sale for $11.

And, this is obviously not maternity, but has anyone seen this trench IRL in Talbots?  It's gorgeous!  The pink is way nicer than what it looks like online.  I would personally call it Raspberry Sherbet.  Yummy!

I tried in on yesterdat in a 4P in the store and they were already out of the 2P in the store.  (probably because the coat apparently only comes in Misses 4 and up and Petite 2 and up .... so if you're a 2, then hopefully you can wear a petite because that's your only option!)  I'm considering ordering this is a 2P (which based on other items from Talbots will fit just fine... and I'm certainly not petite at 5'5"+) and making an outfit out of it for the upcoming Kentucky Oaks this early Spring.  The Oaks is the more "locals" day before the Derby and they started with a "Pink" theme last year to help support the Breast Cancer cause!  This will be perfect!

LOVE IT!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Seriously, could you be any cuter pg?

  2. mommydearest: You are too sweet! We'll see in a month or two! ha!


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